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NECO 2016 Registration Timetable Nov/Dec GCE June/July SSCE

NECO Registration for SSCE exams for external students (GCE) for November/December 2013 has started. The scratch card for NECO GCE 2013 costs 9,250 Naira. Registration is done online. Meanwhile NECO June/July 2013 Result has been released. Need updates NECO GCE/SSCE 2012/2013?Join us on Facebook | follow us on Twitter | Join our NECO Forum Board Visit NECO office near you to find out the price as well as purchase it. Do not forget to share your experience at our comment or on our Facebook page, so that we will declassify the information. NECO Registration website is at www.mynecoexams.com/novdec/ for Nov/Dec GCE exams...

NECO Result 2016 / 2017 Results at www.mynecoexams.com GCE/SSCE Exams

NECO has announced the release of results of her 2013 June/July Senior School Certificate Examination for internal students. According to the NECO registrar there was a remarkable improvement in this year's result compared to last year, as 69.57% of candidates got 5 credits or more. NECO 2013 Registration According to the NECO registrar over 66.63% of the 681,507 that sat for the exam got at least credit in English, while 65.5% or 668,314 candidates got at least credit in Maths. However as usual, NECO failed to provide key data or judging performance like how many candidates got 5 credits including English...