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Olla M6

Olla M6 Specs and Price

The Olla M6 is a new budget smartphone introduce into the Nigerian market by Opera. It's among the six smartphones and also falls under the mid-range family. The phone is similar to what transition has been offering us, especially from iTel. Where to Buy Olla M6 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers The...

OLLA V9 Pro Specs and Price

The OLLA V9 Pro is a new smartphone from a new brand Opera. The company has been in talks for sometimes now for their new project and new business venture. Finally, it's now live and the brand OPay and Opera has debuted the OLLA V9 Pro with other mid-range...
OLLA M8 Plus

OLLA M8 Plus Specs and Price

The OLLA M8 Plus is part of the affordable smartphone from Opera. The new phone is a budget device, one that you can buy without breaking your wallet. However, it's not a smartphone to flaunt around with. It's just like other budget devices out there that managed to squeeze...
Olla Note 3 Specs

Olla Note 3 Specs and Price

The Olla Note 3 falls in the lower mid-range smartphone category. It houses hardware specs that are capable of performing tasks that are not too power intensive. In this article, we explore the Olla Note 3 specs and price, which will help you in making your purchase decision. Where to...