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Mobile Gaming

5 Ways To Improve Your Mobile Gaming Experience

For a gamer, nothing can beat PlayStation and Xbox. And if you are used to that, you probably do not even enjoy PC games anymore, let alone any other device. But here’s the thing. Games don’t all have to be high-end for you to have a few hours of...
Do Gaming Routers Work Better than Normal Routers

Do Gaming Routers Work Better than Normal Routers?

For serious gamers or even casual gamers who simply want the best possible experience, purchasing new or updated technology and equipment can be an important decision. One piece of equipment that gamers may consider is a gaming router. A router is a device that sends information in the form of...
Gaming Websites - Playing Games with Gamepad

7 Gaming Websites that every Gamer should Bookmark

There are a large number of people around us who play video games with a lot of dedication and passion. For some, computer and mobile games have become an integral part of their lifestyle. Whether you are a pro-gamer or a casual video game player, you will be aware...
Know Your Customer

Securing Your Online Game Using Digital KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC) The 'Know Your Customer' Policy, regularly alluded to as 'KYC', is an obligatory structure for all banks and other money-related foundations utilized for client ID process. To agree to global guidelines against tax evasion and psychological oppressor financing, fortified Know Your Customer methods should be executed in...
Game Localisation

Localisation is Key to Success in the Online Gaming Field

Localisation evolved in response to the Online gaming industry’s need to spread its wings in territories other than the country of origin thereby adjusting games technically, linguistically and culturally to suit the requirement of the target market. When a product is localized, it gets approval and nod from everyone at...
Rummy Games

4 Reasons Why Real Rummy Experience is Fun any Time

Are you new to Indian rummy gaming? Perhaps, it will take some time before you start considering rummy as your favourite card game. For several decades now, rummy has been successful in becoming the favourite card game of the masses. These days with online rummy people are able to...
888Poker on Android Phone

888Poker’s App Review: Play anywhere on Mobile

Almost ten years ago in California Steve Jobs told a hushed audience of Apple employees that his company Apple, was going to reinvent the phone and boy was he right. He launched the first iPhone and little over a year later the App store was launched, further increasing the...
NairaGames Featured

NairaGames is Back, Launches MLM, Casino and Discontinues Football Bets

Online users can now Earn ₦200,000 to ₦800,000 monthly using Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp platforms with their smart phone @ The Goldminer gaming contest app is free to download at and offers an ‘immersive’ online gaming experience for android smartphones users. Its high score sheet allows players to...

Sony PlayStation Vita Specs & Prices – Games and Gaming

Sony PlayStation Vita is the latest generation of Sony's popular portable PSP gaming console. The new gaming console features social media integration, PS3 Integration, online chat, a better display and supports augmented reality and multi-player online gaming. Sony PlayStation Vita is available in two models, a Vita Wi-Fi only...

Nintendo Wii Video Games – new low price for Nintendo Wii console 199 USD

Nintendo has announced new low price for the Nintendo Wii video games console. The price of the Nintendo Wii console has dropped to $129.99 f $199.99. Nintendo Wii is a games console that focuses on delivering fun games that appeal to everyone. Nintendo Wii feature an impressive motion-sensitive wireless...