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Cardnosh - A Reliable Site To Sell Gift Cards At Best Rates

Introducing Cardnosh – A Reliable Site To Sell Gift Cards At Best Rates

Nigerians often get gift cards from various sources, maybe through purchase or as a gift from friends and families. But they find it difficult to sell gift card in Nigeria just in case they have no need to redeem it. Well, this problem statement is no longer a problem, as...
Promo Codes

Discount Code – A Blessing in Disguise

Whenever we hear this word ‘DISCOUNT,' our blood rushes in our veins, and we are above ninth cloud because it means we can avail certain pleasantries regarding our favorite brands at a more economical price range. With the increase in the price value, the discount codes are like rays of...
Wedding Dress

How to Buy Wedding Dresses Online

In the modern world, the internet has made life easier. Most of people across the world use the internet to search for products or purchase clothes, products, and other items. Shopping for trendy clothes online is convenient. You can purchase clothes online from the comfort of your home from...

JumiaPay – Secure and Convenient Payment Solution for Online Shopping

Jumia is, unarguably, the biggest online e-commerce shopping platform in the whole of Africa. And it doesn't seem the company is ready to vacate that spot for any new or old rival or competition. Ever since the company's inception (as AIG — Africa Internet Group) in Lagos, Nigeria in 2012,...
Amazon Gift Cards

Invention of Amazon and Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon is an e–Commerce Company which is making its way to each and every sector making more and more loyal customers. With Amazon gifting has become a charm there are tons of options which one can get for their loved once. Gifting is a wide topic which there are...
Jumia Mobile Week

Jumia sells over 10,000 Smartphones in an hour of Jumia Mobile Week Sale

Barely an hour after Jumia.com.ng launched its biggest phone sale of the year at exactly 12 midnight yesterday (Monday, March 19), shoppers have already purchased over 10,000 pieces of smartphones brands. Giant smartphone brand, Xiaomi is among the top sold smartphones, especially the Redmi 5A Prime Gold which is rapidly...
Gearbest 4th Anniversary Sale

Enjoy Biggest Deals of 2018 at Gearbest 4th Anniversary Sale

Gearbest is 4 and will be unleashing the biggest birthday party event in celebration. From 09:00 UTC March 20 to 02:00 UTC April 9, 2018, the international online store best known for offering best prices on mobile devices and electronic gear will be offering amazing deals on items ranging...
13 Ways Jumia makes Shopping Online better for Everyone

14 Ways Jumia makes Shopping Online better for Everyone

Shopping Online for a long time was a niche service available only to a few people in Nigeria, Kenya, and the rest of Africa. However, over the last couple of years online stores like Jumia have introduced a few innovations to open online shopping to just about anyone. There...
5 Ways Jumia makes Online Shopping Safer and Less Risky

5 Ways Jumia makes Online Shopping Safer and Less Risky

There are many challenges and risks to shopping online in Nigeria and Africa like poor infrastructure and lack of trust, but one online store has been continuously innovating and finding solutions to these challenges. In this article I will share 5 ways that Jumia is making online shopping safer,...
Jumia Express Badge

Jumia Express – Fast and Low Cost Delivery for Online Shopping

Jumia Express is a value added service by Africa's leading online shopping destination, Jumia, to ensure fast and cost effective shipping for its customers in Nigeria, Kenya, and across  Africa. The Jumia Express service is also one of the online store's weapon for fighting substandard products at the store...

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