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OList – Buy and Sell Online

OList in an online platform where buyers can meet sellers. It is an marketplace that allows sellers to upload information about products or services they want to put-up for sale for interested buyers to connect with them. It is more or less like a classified Ads website. This article will be useful to those interested in making money by disposing items, those interested in buying and those interested in selling items online. OList was launched by Opera the owners of OPay and enables users to deal in variety of different goods and services be it old or new. It included categories like...
OCar - Taxi Hailing Service

OCar – Taxi Hailing Service

OCar is a taxi hailing service similar to Uber and Bolt. Opera Pay (OPay) launched the cab-hailing service in November 2019. The service joins ORide (a motorcycle hailing service), OTrike (a tricycle hailing service), and OBus (for bus hailing) in Opera's ride hailing universe. OCar started operations in eight major Nigerian cities namely Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Benin and Kaduna. Like other transport hailing services offered by Opera, OCar is built into the OPay App. OPay's choice of location on OCar's launch has portrayed an attempt to compete with dominating ride hailing companies like the Estonia-owned Bolt, which...
OBus - Bus Hailing Service from OPay

OBus – Bus Hailing Service

OBus is an online bus hailing service launched by the Opay company to make transportation easier for Nigerians. OBus (a.k.a. Opera Bus or OPay Bus) is one of the latest services launched by OPay. OPay (Opera-pay) is a multi-service commercial online platform that offers interesting services. In this expository article, we will be looking at OBus in detail. OBus operates like other OPay online ride hailing services like ORide and OTrike. It is a commercial transit service that can be accessed from the OPay app. OBus functions more like the conventional bus, but will be a more comfortable transit service. The...
OWealth - Savings and Investment Plan by OPay

OWealth – Savings and Investment Plan by OPay

OWealth is a Savings and investment platform built into the OPay App that enable you save part or all of your OPay fund to get an annual interest paid daily. The annual interest is fixed at up to 15% which is attractive compared to the 5% which is the highest any Nigerian bank can offer. OWealth investment avenue allows investors to save any amount of money. You can go the full year or more and you can withdraw your money at any time. Investors will find this article very useful as we break down into details all you need to...
OTrike - Tricycle Hailing Service

OTrike – Tricycle Hailing Service

OTrike is a tricycle hailing service available in the popular OPay App. The service is available in cities like Enugu, Kano, and Aba. OTrike is a sub-service of the OPay and offers you your first month's trips at a discount. The service has been launched in Aba and Kano, this shows the determination level of OPay to solve people's transportation needs even after they launching ORide some months ago. Users can order this on-demand tricycle hailing service at the comfort of their homes to their destination in a secure, orderly and fast fashion. OTrike has created more job opportunities, just like...
OFood Food Delivery Service offers Pizza among other Delicacies

OFood Food Delivery Service: Order Food Online from Restaurants near you

Who doesn't like food? Food businesses are never really bankrupt. Why? Because we all can't do without them. The same thing goes for the OFood service. It is an online food delivery service. You order food online using the OPay app from a restaurant near you and your order will be delivered to your doorsteps. OFood (short for Opera Food or OPay Food) is a subsidiary service of the Opera pay (that is OPay) company that offers the service of food delivery to its customers. In this article, we will be giving you an overview of OFood, how you can have...
OPay - Opera Payment Wallet

What is OPay? – Opera Payment Wallet

OPay is an ePayment wallet launched by Opera software company the developers of the popular Opera mini web browser. It is a mobile payment platform that allows its users to pay for goods and services electronically using a mobile phone via the OPay App. To boost the usage of OPay, Opera has launched a couple of services that accepts OPay as the exclusive payment methods. Opera services like ORide, OTrike, OFood, OBus, OWealth, OLeads, OKash, OCar, OList and so on all accept OPay as the exclusive payment method. Opera is also using highly discounted prices and deals to create buzz for...
Opera Mini and Mdundo Step Up the Beat in Africa

Opera Mini and Mdundo Step Up the Beat in Africa

The most popular mobile browser and music service to provide free downloadable music in nine African countries.  Oslo, December 19th, 2019 - Opera and Mdundo, a leading African music sharing platform, has announced that Opera Mini users can now, for free, listen to and download their favorite songs from the most recognized artists in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Through this partnership Opera seeks to expand the functionalities of Opera Mini and bring African music fans closer to their favorite songs. “Mdundo has changed the way people listen to music on their smartphones,” said Michael Gray,...
Opera Ads

Opera Ads Releases New Ad Units to Improve How Online Businesses...

Lagos, Nigeria, November 18, 2019 - Opera Ads is a fast-growing online advertising platform that seamlessly integrates into the Opera product portfolio and its 350 million global users. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sczCoYhyz88&feature=youtu.be The company has recently announced the addition of new ad units that will help Nigerian advertisers increase engagement with their target audiences and maximize the performance of their online campaigns. In traditional online advertising, marketers tend to redirect users to a landing page where they need to navigate a number of clicks to reach a call-to-action button for what they need, such as contact information, online chats, or just the phone number of...
Opera makes Browsing four times faster in Nigeria

Opera makes Browsing four times faster in Nigeria with the Installation...

The new data servers have just improved the internet experience for millions of Nigerians. Lagos, Nigeria, November 13, 2019 - Opera Limited (Nasdaq: OPRA), one of the world’s major browser developers and leader in AI-driven digital content, has officially announced the successful installation of their new local servers hosted within the MDXi Lekki Data Centre in Lagos, Nigeria, which is also the largest leading data centre in West Africa. With the installation of the new local servers in Lagos, Opera is improving the online experience of its fast-growing user base in Nigeria. The servers speed up online browsing, making the connection...