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Samsung Ativ Book 9 Spin Convertible Specs & Price

Unveiled alongside Ativ Book 9 Pro, the eye-catching Samsung Ativ Book 9 Spin is the first convertible laptop to come from the stable of its Korean maker and looks like one capable of roughing it out with rivals such as the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and HP Spectre x360.Where...

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro Specs & Price

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro is more or less like an upgrade of the super-slim Ativ Book 9, which was introduced at the CES Show at the beginning of the year. With a stunning 4K screen resolution, Ativ Book 9 Pro boasts the best screen that has been seen...
Samsung Ativ 9

Samsung Ativ Book 9 (2015) Ultrabook Specs & Price

The 2015 installment of the Samsung Ativ Book 9 series looks a lot – in several respects – like the 12-inch Apple MacBook that was unveiled few weeks back, even though it was first unveiled couple of months before the latter was released. The highly portable laptop boasts premium...

Samsung Ativ Book 2 Laptop Specs & Price

Samsung Ativ Book 2 are a range of Windows 8 laptops built for consumers. They feature brilliant 15.6-inch display with keyboard, numeric keypad, and multi-touch touchpad. Samsung Ativ Book 2 features a wide range of processors from Intel and is great for home use, home-office, or students.Where to Buy...