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Yahoo Axis: another Browser this time from Yahoo

Yahoo Axis is a new browser from Yahoo that aims to change how we search the web. It is more of a search browser than a full fledge web browser. It comes as a plug-in for your leading internet browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. Yahoo Axis is also available as an HTML5 app for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad with Android and possibly Windows Phone versions in the works. Yahoo's Innovation To most of us in this part of the world, Yahoo is better known as an online email service. But Yahoo, does more than email, it is a...
Keyword Research for your Blog or Website

Keyword Research is Key for Blog and Website Success

For SEO, keywords are queries that web users type into the search bar when they want to find something online. So, when building or maintaining a site serious thought and effort should be put into keyword building and discovery. Hence Keyword research should be one of the first considerations when building or redesigning a website. This will ensure your website gets targeted traffic and attracts high quality visitors. Keyword research will enable you discover queries that web users use when searching for your kind of product or service. By writing content on your website using those keywords, search engines will...
SEO - 5 Techniques You Should Try to Triple the Quantity of Your Website Traffic

SEO Service is Essential for Website Redesigns

Are you planning to redesign your website? Have you spared some thought for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO. Website redesigns often result in changes in structure, content, and layout of your website. These changes can negatively impact on your search traffic, which is bad for business. Hence an SEO service should not be an afterthought during website redesigns but should even precede it. SEO should precede the process of website redesign, but some website owners wait until after the redesign or if something goes wrong to bring in SEO services. Once the idea to redesign a website pops up, an SEO...
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO Services from NaijaTechGuide to Increase Website Traffic

Through research, extensive reading, experimentation and practice we have learnt the art and science of SEO at NaijaTechGuide. Using our knowledge over the years, we have been able to build NaijaTechGuide to over 1,000,000 monthly page views, with even bigger targets for 2022. NaijaTechGuide is ranking well in relevant keywords with over 75% of visitors coming via search engines. So having recorded success on our own sites, we are now offering our SEO services to you to help you increase your website traffic. You can contact us for all your Search Engine Optimisation needs. SEO services offered include: Quick SEO Tips Service ...
Website Audit

SEO Site Audit increase Traffic to your Website

Our SEO site audit service takes a comprehensive look at your website focusing on how each factor that affects your search ranking is implemented on your website. An SEO site audit report is written and delivered to you. This report can serve as a blueprint for implementing SEO on your website or for developing an SEO strategy for your business. In the SEO site audit service from naijatechguide, an SEO specialist will take a thorough look at your website and present an interesting and informative report on your website's SEO status. The report will show you how well all known...

Quick SEO Tips Service to Increase Website Traffic

It has been shown that there are a number of common SEO flaws that hinder the search engine performance of most websites that rank low on search engine result pages (SERPs). It has also been shown that correcting these simple SEO flaws could have great impact on the search performance of a website. In our Quick SEO tips Service, an SEO expert will probe your website for such flaws and provide quick solutions for solving them. At naijatechguide, we have been delivering great content for years and through practice have come to learn the art and science of SEO. NaijaTechGuide now...
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Increase Search Engine Traffic and Visitors

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short are techniques used to increase search engine traffic to a website or blog. Through several researches, reports, and case studies it has been shown that websites that get large search engine traffic on the internet have certain characteristics. The job of SEO is to refine a given website or blog's makeup to conform to those best practices without undermining user experience, so as to attract visitors from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex. By following these SEO best practices a website or blog can improve their search engine performance and increase traffic. It’s...

Handcase Gune mobile search engine debuts

Handcase, a leading mobile application developer based in Brazil, has launched a mobile search engine called Gune. Handcase Gune is a meta search engine, meaning that it depends on major search engines for its search results. Currently Handcase Gune will depend on Google and Bing Search engines for its results. Gune optimizes results for small screen phones and smartphones. Checkout Gune meta search engine at www.handycase.com/gune One unique feature about the Handcase Gune search engine is that it displays 10 results each from Google and Bing simultaneously on the same page. You also get a top and bottom search box...

Google Search Tips show options on Google Search Engine

It is no longer news that Google is the leading search engine in the world accounting for over 78% of search in the US and over 80% of global search. Google is favoured because it indexes faster and for most searches has the best relevance. However, sometimes what you are looking for may be buried under thousands of less relevant contents. This article introduces the Google Show Options Link which was introduced by Google to help you easily find what you are looking for on the web using Google Search engine.Google SMS Search, search with mobile phone SMS in...