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The stunning Tesla Model S

Famous Tesla Lovers

As you may have guessed from the title, the Tesla electric cars are beloved by some pretty famous people. Celebrities, musicians and film stars are all doing their bit for the environment by driving these alternative fuel vehicles. Before we move on to the models that are the favourites with the rich and famous, let's briefly touch on the history of alternative fuel cars. History of Environmentally Friendly Vehicles You may be surprised to learn that electric cars are not actually a new invention, they first took to the roads over 100 years ago. At the beginning of the modern personal transport...
Google Self-Driving Cars

Driverless Cars and Self-Driving Cars: An Introduction

The idea of a driverless car or self-driving car was a thing of fiction years ago. That was the feeling of most people, or probably everybody, when a local bank aired an advert on possibility of anything and featured a self-driving car several years back. Who could have thought there would come a time when we will be talking about these vehicles actually existing? Well, dozens of companies have now made giant stride in this automobile technology. We discuss these driverless cars; how they work, and other relevant matters. About Self-Driving Cars From the name, you can easily tell what these...

Google Driverless Car – No Steering, No Brakes

Google moved to the next stage of its driverless car vision by unveiling a new self-driving car prototype. The new self-driving cars offers no steering wheels, brake pedal, or accelerator. It just features two seats for the passengers, a start button, and a large red button for stopping the car on emergencies. The Future of CarsBefore now Google has been fitting other cars with its self-driving kit. First it was the Toyota Prius, then the Lexus SUV, now Google is building its driverless car from scratch. The Google driverless cars are subcompact electric cars powered by an electric motor. It offers...