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How to Promote eCommerce Website

How to Promote eCommerce Website

One of the most profitable moves you can make in this environment that is highly competitive is to create an ecommerce website. However, like most of the already existing ecommerce websites, you may have a big issue with how to effectively market your site. There is no way you will...
7 Undeniable risks you need to pay heed when launching your eCommerce business in 2018

7 Undeniable risks you need to pay heed when launching your eCommerce business in 2018

The avalanche of complaints of cyber fraud and risks in eCommerce business is truly overwhelming. No doubt, as complaints continue to pour in at an unprecedented rate, cyber fraud has been the subject of much debate. It behooves, therefore, to learn about the risks involved in eCommerce business. Let’s get started Risk...
Top 5 AI-driven M-Commerce Trends That Will Shape 2018

Top 5 AI-driven M-Commerce Trends That Will Shape 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a major driver of digital transformation as businesses try to keep in step with the rapid technological advancements in 2018. Due to constant media coverage, AI is one of the most known aspects of this transformation. It is slated to make humans obsolete as it is...
Best E-commerce Practice to Drive More Sales

Best eCommerce Practice to Drive more Sales in 2018

Like any other business, an ecommerce store has to work hard to bring visitors and sales on their website from different channels (Organic, Direct, Referral & Paid).  The success of any ecommerce business depends on its marketing strategy, market trend and user behaviour. An Ecommerce owner must be aware...

Growth Hacking Tips for eCommerce Business

The term "Growth Hacking" has just recently come to limelight and has shot to fame exponentially seeing how it was coined in the year 2010 by Sean Ellis. Many perceive growth hacking to be some sort of shortcut to online marketing success whereas it is simply a concept that stands...
Exchange eCommerce Plugin for WordPress by iThemes

3 Useful Features of iThemes Exchange Plugin for WordPress, as an Online Store

Image source: iThemes has been fairly prolific in the world of plugin and theme developers. They have introduced plugins of great value and significance and made life easy for content managers and website developers in innumerable ways. iThemes finally stepped into the world of ecommerce with Exchange. It lets...

7 Smart Features of PayPal – the Most Popular Payment Gateway

Image source: Sending and receiving money has always been problematic in the past but now, the table has turned. PayPal has appeared as a miracle and an easy way out for sending and receiving money. Transferring money has never been this easy! Sending money anywhere on the globe is...
Multi Vendor Marketplace

5 Best eCommerce Platforms for Multi Vendor Marketplace

Our lives were changed beyond comparison when the internet was first created. We embraced this technology and since its development, we have made sure to make it feel welcome in every imaginable field. Today, no activity, work or pleasure, can be carried out without stumbling onto the web. Opportunists saw...
WooCommerce Facts

What is WooCommerce? (Infographic)

WooCommerce is an open source ecommerce plugin designed for merchants who prefer to run their small to large-sized online stores using WordPress. This plugin has many remarkable features and capabilities. For one, it allows you to sell anything. It is plainly simple to install and customize, and has free...
How To Optimize Your Ecommerce Website In An Hour

How to Optimize your Ecommerce Website in an Hour

If the word optimize is not very clear to you, then let us begin by saying that improving the overall design and the effectiveness of your website involves optimization of your Ecommerce website. This is imperative, given a large number of corporate websites that are operational in the market...