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Sukam Inverter

Sukam Inverter and Battery Price in Nigeria

Sukam is a leading global brand for backup power solutions for homes and businesses. Sukam Inverters are pure sine wave inverters with built-in UPS for homes and small businesses with output power ranging from 800VA to 50KVA (50,000VA). Sukam Inverter Price in Nigeria ranges from 59,000 Naira to 5.6 million Naira depending on the rated power output, level of sophistication, whether or not battery and/or installation is included, your location, and bundled accessories. We would also take a look at Sukam Inverter Battery Price in Nigeria. Where to Buy a SuKam Inverter Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Inverters draw energy from a...

Sukam Inverters financing FirstBank

Consumer financing is available from FirstBank for the purchase of SuKam inverters. With as low as N10,000 monthly, you can be a proud owner of a brand new Sukam inverter. The deal is simple, make a minimum of 25% equity contribution for the Su-Kam inverter of your choice, and offset the balance in 12 monthly installments. Consumer financing may also be available from other banks. Where to Buy a SuKam Inverter Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Power inverters convert DC voltage from a battery to AC voltage used by appliances in our homes. Power inverters offer noise free, petrol free, emission free,...

Sukam Power Inverters Solar Products and Batteries

Su-Kam manufactures power products for backup power supply. Su-Kam is based in India and manufactures power products for backup power. In its product line are Power Inverters, UPS, Battery, Battery equilisers, etc. Where to Buy a SuKam Inverter Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Su-Kam manufactures power products like: Su-Kam Power Inverters 2.5KVA – 100KVA Su-Kam Digital Home UPS 250VA – 1400VA Su-Kam Pure Sine Wave Home UPS 600VA – 1400VA Su-Kam Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters 800VA – 100KVA Su-Kam Solar Sine Wave Power Inverters 2KW – 100KW Su-Kam Solar Charger Controller Su-Kam Batteries 100AH, 135AH, 165AH, 200AH Su-Kam Battery Chargers Su-Kam...