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Best Torrent Clients

Best Torrent Clients for 2022

A free torrent acts as a game-changer as it makes downloading faster and more safe and sound. Torrenting is perfect for downloading huge files like a video or software. Traditionally, downloading files from the host server directly is a very slow process for users as many other users were trying to download the same file. Torrent Clients are simply incredible because they provide a great user experience for downloading very large files by speeding up download. With a torrent client, you can download those chunks of files you want from different peers on the peer to peer network. What are Torrent Clients? Torrent Clients...
Piratebay Proxy servers

Piratebay Proxy Servers can be great help to you

Do you love watching movies? Do you download them from torrents? Well, then your favourite has to be Piratebay to unblocked movies isn’t it? Yes, Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent sites. Well, if it is, you must be aware in some regions and countries you cannot access movies through the service. The reason is very simple. The Government of the country most of the time has a ban on it. And this is exactly why using the proxy sites is a smarter option. 20 Piratebay Proxy Servers: Following is a list of 20 great PirateBay proxy servers: 1. duckingproxy.eu: This proxy channel...
Download IDM 6.31

Download IDM 6.31 Build 3 and Enjoy Super Fast Downloads

There are various applications like TubeMate, Torrent, which help in downloading files from the Internet on a smartphone. Similarly, the Internet Download Manager, also known as IDM is a software which can be used to download various files from the Internet on a Windows PC. IDM is widely known for boosting download speed, scheduling and managing the download of files on your PC. The reason behind the quick download is that it divides a file into many parts and downloads them simultaneously. Once all the parts are downloaded, it combines them all, and the original file is obtained as a whole. Some...
Best Torrent Sites

Best Torrent Sites of 2023 (Working)

Do you have an urge to download movies and shows for free from torrents? Are you unable to use torrent sites as before? Do not worry because we are here to provide you with a list of best torrent sites for movies, music, and more. Legal battles fought over infringement of copyrights have increased the scrutiny on the world of torrenting and the ultimatum was the closure of popular torrent websites and torrent downloading search engines. Note: NaijaTechGuide does not condone illegal sharing of copyrighted files. Please see our full disclaimer at the bottom of the page. In recent years, we have...

Popcorn Time App, and its Features

Watch any TV show or movie as many times as you want. All you need to get begun with Popcorn time is a right internet connection. Popcorn Time is continually searching all over the net for the top torrents from the most famous sites. If the movie is out there, app will find the top version possible and begin watching it right away. Watch your TV show or movie directly on Android Popcorn Time in HD with subtitles. Main Features of Popcorn Time App Amazing Catalogue Popcorn Time will provide you a selection of best series or movies once they are out there. Great Movies Popcorn...
Torrents download

How to Download Torrents if Pirate Bay is Down?

One of the easiest ways to Download mega large file through the internet is by downloading torrents and Pirate Bay is the most popular. A large number of files are uploaded as torrents and downloaded by users without any cost. However, what do you do when Pirate Bay is down? There are many reasons why Pirate Bay or other torrent sites might go down from time to time. They get frequently shut down by authorities, they have server issues or they undergo maintenance work.  If you ever find yourself in a situation where Pirate Bay, you can follow the tips here...