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Micromobility with KBO Bike

Is Micromobility Vehicle Infrastructure viable in Big Cities?

The pandemic has changed how people view transportation. Just when Lyft and Uber were hitting their stride, sharing a vehicle with someone became a concern about hygiene and viral transmissibility. A sudden reversal occurred in 2021, and American drivers once again became enamored with owning a personal vehicle. While shared mobility is slow to regain favor, micromobility solutions are primed to pick up in popularity. Generally, these short-range transportation options are part of the first-mile/last-mile nexus and are intended primarily as urban solutions. Among the top micromobility trends are e-bikes and e-scooters but in large cities, there can be both...
How Uber for Trucking will Transform the Logistics Industry

How Uber for Trucking will Transform the Logistics Industry in 2020

“Uber For” is revolutionizing the different industries by catering to the on-demand needs of the category and the different niches. For instance, Uber for food has now resulted in on-demand food that you can call for at any time, and track till it arrives at your doorstep. “Uber for” or on-demand has revolutionized the food, grocery, laundry, medical, salons, and other industries. It has even hit the job industries such as carpentry, plumbing, and others, making it more like a marketplace for the people who want to avail the service and the sellers who are providing these services. The only difference...
OCar - Taxi Hailing Service

OCar – Taxi Hailing Service

OCar is a taxi hailing service similar to Uber and Bolt. Opera Pay (OPay) launched the cab-hailing service in November 2019. The service joins ORide (a motorcycle hailing service), OTrike (a tricycle hailing service), and OBus (for bus hailing) in Opera's ride hailing universe. OCar started operations in eight major Nigerian cities namely Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Benin and Kaduna. Like other transport hailing services offered by Opera, OCar is built into the OPay App. OPay's choice of location on OCar's launch has portrayed an attempt to compete with dominating ride hailing companies like the Estonia-owned Bolt, which...
OBus - Bus Hailing Service from OPay

OBus – Bus Hailing Service

OBus is an online bus hailing service launched by the Opay company to make transportation easier for Nigerians. OBus (a.k.a. Opera Bus or OPay Bus) is one of the latest services launched by OPay. OPay (Opera-pay) is a multi-service commercial online platform that offers interesting services. In this expository article, we will be looking at OBus in detail. OBus operates like other OPay online ride hailing services like ORide and OTrike. It is a commercial transit service that can be accessed from the OPay app. OBus functions more like the conventional bus, but will be a more comfortable transit service. The...
OTrike - Tricycle Hailing Service

OTrike – Tricycle Hailing Service

OTrike is a tricycle hailing service available in the popular OPay App. The service is available in cities like Enugu, Kano, and Aba. OTrike is a sub-service of the OPay and offers you your first month's trips at a discount. The service has been launched in Aba and Kano, this shows the determination level of OPay to solve people's transportation needs even after they launching ORide some months ago. Users can order this on-demand tricycle hailing service at the comfort of their homes to their destination in a secure, orderly and fast fashion. OTrike has created more job opportunities, just like...
ORide Bike Hailing Service

ORide – Bike Hailing Service

ORide is a bike hailing service. The service is available in Lagos and Ibadan, though with the recent partial ban of motocycles in Lagos, you may not be able to access the service in some areas of Nigeria's most popular city. ORide another brand in the O universe of Opera and OPay. We are not sure what it means Opera Ride or OPay Ride. The app enables users of the payment app called OPay (which is an African- focused mobile app started by the Opera browser company, after raising 50 million dollars in funding), to order bike rides to their...