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Uhans Max 2 Review

Uhans Max 2 Review

Uhans Max 2 is a massive phone great for people looking for an affordable phone that also has enough real estate to function as a tablet. Its massive 6.44-inch display means for most people one hand use will only be possible in a few use cases. You can buy...
Everything in the Uhans Max 2 Box

Uhans Max 2 Unboxing – Photos and Video

Uhans Max 2 features a massive screen measuring 6.44-inches across and comes at a very affordable price. You can buy this very affordable Android smartphone for $134.99 at Gearbest. We got a unit from Gearbest and will be sharing Uhans Max 2 unboxing photos here. Beside the massive 6.44-inch IPS...
Uhans K5000

Uhans K5000 Specs and Price

Parading a rugged design, the Uhans K5000 is a budget-friendly smartphone built to take a beating. The IP68-rated device features a humongous battery, an HD display, an octa-core processor and a fingerprint scanner. Where to Buy Uhans K5000 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers Uhans K5000 Key...
Uhans MX Smartphone

Uhans MX Specs and Price

Dubbed the 'Cheapest Bezel-less Smartphone,' the Uhans MX impresses greatly at its price point. Uhans MX packs a display that somewhat mimics what some new high-end devices boast and comes with a fingerprint scanner, amongst other decent specs. Where to Buy Uhans MX Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya...
Uhans I8 Smartphone

Uhans I8 Specs and Price

Boasting 'Advanced Face ID Recognition,' Uhans I8 is an affordable smartphone that will very likely amaze you with its features. Uhans I8 parades a huge display with very slim bezels, a dual camera system, and a fingerprint scanner. Where to Buy Uhans I8 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya...
Uhans Mix 2

Uhans Mix 2 Specs and Price

Featuring the so-called bezel-less design, the Uhans Mix 2 is an impressive second generation smartphone from Chinese phone maker UHANS. It comes with an 18:9 display, a powerful Helio processor and abundant memory, all at a very affordable price. Where to Buy Uhans Mix 2 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers |...
Uhans Max 2

Uhans Max 2 Specs and Price

Looking at the specifications, the Uhans Max 2 is a smartphone one may describe as dirt-cheap for its price. The behemoth comes with a Full HD display, an octa-core processor, ample memory and dual cameras on both front and back. Where to Buy Uhans Max 2 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers...
Uhans Note 4

Uhans Note 4 Specs and Price

Uhans Note 4 is another amazing, affordable offering from its Chinese manufacturer, which also offers the impressive Max 2 smartphone. As its name seems to hint, this device looks to offer a cheaper alternative to the more popular Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 in a way. Uhans Note 4 has...