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Best Android Phones Under $500 USD

Best Android Phones Under $500

If you didn’t find quite the specs you were looking for in our lists of best android phones under $100 and those below $300, here is another chance to see the specs that fit your pocket. However, you must be willing to spend more than the last list allowed....
Ulefone Power 3S

Ulefone Power 3S Specs and Price

Can you recall the battery juggernaut from Ulefone last year? This is the follow up and it comes with more power. However, the new smartphone can not be regarded as an all round upgrade because some of the features in the Ulefone Power 3 had been downgraded except battery...
Ulefone Gemini Pro

Ulefone Gemini Pro Specs and Price

Ulefone is one of the few young Chinese brands that is making headway in the international market at the moment. The Chinese OEM has been able to carve a niche for itself in the low and mid-range smartphone category. It's new mid-range smartphone is the Ulefone Gemini Pro smartphone which...
Ulefone Power3

Ulefone Power 3 Specs and Price

As its name suggest the Ulefone Power 3 is a power juggernaut which is something you would know if you're acquainted with their Power smartphones series. It does not only boast of a large battery capacity it also has some amazing hardware inside which will definitely attract a you...
Ulefone S7

Ulefone S7 Specs and Price

Ulefone is one of the many Chinese OEMs that are well involved in making budget smartphones and is now extending their reach beyond the  Asian market. The Ulefone S7  is an affordable smartphone that not only has a fairly decent spec sheet but also boast of a dual camera...
Ulefone S8 Pro

Ulefone S8 Pro Specs and Price

A new addition to Ulefone's S-series is here with the same low price tag and a number of interesting features. Ulefone over the years have perfected the art of making budget smartphones that are both affordable and worth its every penny. The Ulefone S8 Pro comes with a more...
Ulefone S8

Ulefone S8 Specs and Price

There's a section of the smartphone market that has a range of low budget smartphones from different brands. These smartphones have a minimal number of features but still meets up with your basic smartphone needs. The Ulefone S8 belongs to this category and offers a decent amount of features...
Ulefone T1

Ulefone T1 Specs and Price

This year has seen an increased in fairly powerful midrange smartphones. For those looking for the closest thing to a high-end smartphone this section of midrange device has a great hardware. The Ulefone T1 is in this section of smartphones and comes with interesting spec sheet and has an...
Ulefone Armor 2

Ulefone Armor 2 Specs and Price

Rugged smartphones now have a much larger niche in the smartphone market. This is because more companies are venturing into producing them and one of them is the Chinese OEM Ulefone. The Ulefone Armor 2 is a well built powerful beast. The smartphone also comes with an interesting spec...
Ulefone Mix 2

Ulefone Mix 2 Specs and Price

After the release of the Ulefone Mix, Ulefone has decided to release an upgrade to the initial smartphone. The new upgrade is tagged Ulefone Mix 2 and comes with the widely used 18:9 aspect ratio which is the new trend right now. In a way the smartphone seems to...