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Verykool SL5029 Bolt Pro

Verykool SL5029 Bolt Pro Specs and Price

Verykool might not be a popular brand in this side of the World but it is no stranger to the low budget smartphone category especially in the United States. Out of the list numerous low budget smartphone by this smartphone maker, is the recently released Verykool SL5029 Bolt Pri....
Verykool S5205 Orion Pro

Verykool S5205 Orion Pro Specs and Price

This is one of the long list of entry level smartphones from Verykool. The American OEM is known for its range of affordable unlocked smartphones which mean it can work anywhere in the world. Among this list of smartphones comes the Verykool S5205 Orion Pro. It was released late last...
Verykool S5031 Bolt Turbo

Verykool S5031 Bolt Turbo Specs and Price

This is another low budget smartphone from Verykool with some nice features. The Verykool S5031 Bolt Turbo has rudimentary android features with some perks to it. Despite being an entry level smartphone, it has some impressive additions. The smartphone is suitable for persons on a budget that seeks a...
Verykool S5200 Orion

Verykool S5200 Orion Specs and Price

Verykool is an American OEM and us not so cool as you might think with its range of low budget smartphones. This smartphones like the Verykool S5200 Orion we will be discussing today offers just basic android features. Like others before it in the S-series, it is a basic android...