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V-money Transfer: Send money online to Nigeria Visa VPay ValuCard

Send Money to OnlineTransfer Money from UK Send Money from UK to Nigeria Send Money to Nigeria Valucard Nigeria, a joint acquirer of Visa International in Nigeria, now offers an online Visa card-to-card money transfer service in Nigeria. This service, called V-money transfer, will enable Visa International cardholders worldwide to send money to Visa & VPay cardholders in Nigeria. V-money can also be used to transfer money within Nigeria. Receiving money in Nigeria To be qualified to receive money through V-money transfer service, an issuer or bank that has subscribed to V-money transfer must issue your Visa card or VPay card. If you...

Valucard Offers VPay Visa VbV for Secure e-payment

Valucard plc is the joint acquirer of Visa international in Nigeria. The company supports secure electronic transactions and payments in Nigeria. Valucard promotes the VPay which is an online chip and pin card. VPay can be used as an ATM card to withdraw money from ATM machines. It can also serve as a Debit or credit card for purchase from a POS terminal or from a merchant on the internet. Send Money online to Nigeria using Visa debit/credit cards VPay like Visa card can be used to make a purchase wherever the Visa acceptance sign is displayed. Because VPay is chip based...