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All the Latest Wiko Phones. Find the features, specs, prices, and stores where you can buy the best smartphones made by the French company.

Wiko View Lite

Wiko View Lite Specs and Price

Wiko View Lite enters the smartphone market as the light version to the last year released Wiko View. This phone packs well received specs and features. Out of these features, the bezel-less design and Full View display can be highlighted. Take a look at this: Wiko View Lite on...
Wiko View Go

Wiko View Go Specs and Price

Wiko unveiled a couple of smartphones at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018. Wiko View Go is one of these released smartphones. The smartphone bags interesting features that are worthwhile for a mid-range smartphone. In addition, the smartphone also falls within the affordable range of smartphones. Let’s dig deeper,...
Wiko Tommy 3

Wiko Tommy 3 Specs and Price

Wiko is known for its budget friendly smartphones and also updates it long list of low priced smartphones year in year out. One of its latest addition is the Wiko Tommy 3, that offers a list of decent specs on a smartphone with a nice aesthetics. There is the...
Wiko Robby 2

Wiko Robby 2 Specs and Price

Last year was a busy year for Wiko as they produced a list of nice smartphones. The Wiko Robby 2 was one of these smartphones and it is a low budget smartphone. Typically, it doesn't have a lot features and the one it has are of rather low standard...
Wiko Tommy 2 Plus

Wiko Tommy 2 Plus Specs and Price

The Wiko Tommy 2 Plus smartphone comes as an upgrade to the previous Tommy 2 smartphone. This includes improvement in certain areas such as storage capacity, camera, display to mention a few. Also, it retains the NFC chip for easy and accessible mobile payment. All this included additions are...
Wiko Tommy 2

Wiko Tommy 2 Key Specs and Price

Wiko is a seasoned specialist when it comes to budget smartphones and it has proven itself in time past. An evidence of this is the Wiko Tommy 2 smartphone which is a nice mix of features while still maintaining a low price. The surprising feature here, however, will be...
Wiko View

Wiko View Specs and Price

The Wiko View smartphone comes as Wiko's contribution to the recent trend of bezel-less display,  18:9 aspect ratio and large screen to body ratio smartphones. Unlike, the previous smartphones from Wiko the Wiko View comes with an exquisite design but still retains the plastic casing. The good thing is that...
Wiko WIM Lite

Wiko WIM Lite Specs and Price

After the release of a somewhat high-end flagship in the Wiko WIM, it is only ideal to have a more modest model or in this case a Lite model. The Wiko WIM Lite is the lower variant which is affordable for the not so big spenders and still offers...
Wiko WIM

Wiko WIM Specs and Price

This is a bit different from what you're used to from Wiko with the Wiko WIM smartphone deviating from the low budget smartphones they are known for. The Wiko WIM smartphone is a mid-range smartphone with quite a decent spec sheet. One of its interesting features comes in form of...
Wiko Sunny 2 Plus

Wiko Sunny 2 Plus Specs and Price

Wiko is a French based low budget smartphone maker. The Wiko Sunny 2 Plus is an upgrade to its spec inferior predecessor. Although still very much on the low side when it comes to specifications. The Wiko Sunny 2 Plus comes with a limited number of features, which reflects...