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Detailed Specs and Prices of Latest Xiaomi Phones. Everything you need to know about Xiaomi Phones: Specs, Prices, and Phone Stores Where to Buy them.

Latest and Best Xiaomi Phones

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Xiaomi CC9

Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite Specs and Price

The Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite is a smartphone designed for Xiaomi Smartphone fans who desire something cheaper than the Xiaomi Mi 9 and the Xiaomi Mi 9T. It is an entry-level device with a lot of exciting features. It takes after its elder siblings in some aspects. In this...
Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Premium

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Premium Specs And Price

If you love class, you will surely want to take a good look at the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Premium. The smartphone is one to be proud of. Apart from the pop-up front camera which is the latest trend, it comes with an upgrade over its siblings. Where to Buy...
Xiaomi Redmi 8A

Xiaomi Redmi 8A Specs and Price

The Xiaomi Redmi 8A the affordable version of the Redmi Note 8 smartphone coming from a Chinese OEM. The handset comes with a decent body design parading a full screen that has a waterdrop notch. The major highlight of the smartphone is the massive battery capacity of 5000 mAh...
Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Specs

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Specs and Price

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha dares to be different. It is a foldable mobile phone with a difference. Apart from being foldable, this device features a surround screen that encompasses almost every part of the smartphone. It is the first of its kind. In this article, we explore the...
Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Specs

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Specs and Price

The Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro offers flagship value for a price that can be best described as Midrange. With the Redmi K20 Pro, you have an attractive design, a flagship processor, brilliant cameras, big storage, good batteries, and fast charge. Where to Buy Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Jumia Nigeria –...
Xiaomi Redmi K20

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Specs and Price

In this era where a lot of smartphone manufacturing brands are focused on offering the best affordable midrange smartphones. The Xiaomi Redmi K20 is a smartphone that takes the Midrange smartphone game up a notch. Where to Buy Xiaomi Redmi K20 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See...
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Specs and Price

The Xiaomi 9T Pro is one of the latest smartphones in the Xiaomi Mi 9 series of smartphones. The Mi 9 series of smartphones has been an experimental series for Xiaomi. Where to Buy Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia...
Xiaomi Redmi K20

Xiaomi Mi 9T Specs and Features

Being a successor to the Xiaomi Mi 9, its easy to say the Xiaomi Mi 9T would be a more powerful device, but that's not the case here. Instead of featuring flagship specs like the Mi 9 did, the Mi 9T was developed for the sole purpose of being...
Xiaomi Redmi 7A

Xiaomi Redmi 7A Specs and price

Xiaomi Redmi 7A holds some quality features even though it is an affordable smartphone. It has a great camera that snaps awesome pictures and the battery is also excellent. It also has a face ID sensor that enhances security and makes it convenient for the user to unlock it...
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Specs and Price

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro is a more premium variant of the 2019 Redmi Note series. Xiaomi went the way of major flagships this year by also releasing multiple units for a top of the line model instead of one. That is why we got a smaller Redmi Note...