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Today due to the concerns about global warming and the increasing cost of petrol and other fuels like diesel it not unusual for conventional petrol to be blended with biofuels like ethanol or biodiesel. Some times the blending may exceed that allowed by vehicle or machine engines.

Excess biofuel in petrol or diesel can be as a result of negligence or design. Negligence on the part of owners of petrol and diesel storage facilities can lead to an unusually higher quantity of biofuels in such fuels.

It is also possible that unscrupulous petrol or diesel suppliers, distributors and marketers may add more biofuels in petrol or diesel in order to cut costs and as a result increase profit.

Excess ethanol or biodiesel in gasoline or diesel can cause problems for all types of engines. It can lead to engine breakdown. Parked up engines leads to lost production time for industries and businesses.

Worst hit is the transport and logistics industry. Excess ethanol or biodiesel in gasoline or diesel can damage the engines of the vehicles in their fleet. This leads to delays in the movement of people and materials across the nation and has negative impact on the economy.

For this reason it is important for regulators and businesses to be able to measure the quantity of biofuel in petrol or diesel with reasonable accuracy.

Recently in Lagos, Nigeria an unusually high amount of ethanol in gasoline supplied by a major petroleum product marketer led to the grounding of thousands of vehicle. Today in Nigeria only engines that can support about 5% ethanol by volume in petrol are available.

In response to this problem a Nigerian company, Hidoz Company Ltd is partnering with a US based company Wilks Enterprise Incorporated to market biofuel analyzers in Nigeria.

These biofuel analyzers can be used to determine the quantity of biofuel in diesel or gasoline and in other fuels. They are portable, affordable and easy to use. The analyzers are fast and can produce results in less than one minute.

Hidoz is currently marketing two models in Nigeria. They are InfraCal Analyzer and InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer.

The analyzers can measure the quantity of:

Biodiesel in diesel
Ethanol in gasoline
Water in Ethanol

These analyzers are recommended for Transportation and logistic companies for measuring and controlling the amount of biodiesel in fuel. Regulators will also find these gadgets useful for determining the integrity of the fuel circulating within their jurisdiction. Importers, marketers and distributors of petroleum products can also use these gadgets to ensure the integrity of the products they are serving customers. Owners of storage facilities are not left out.

Others that may find this Biofuel analyzer useful include industries and commercial enterprises especially businesses with private fuel storage facilities.

These analyzers are manufactured in the US by Wilks Enterprise Inc. but distributed and marketed in Nigeria by Hidoz Company Ltd.

For more information contact

Hidoz on

56 Trans Amadi Industrial Layout Port Harcourt

[email protected]

Wilks Enterprise Inc. US on

Paschal Okafor is NaijaTechGuide Team Lead. The article BIOFUEL ANALYZERS: DETERMINE ETHANOL IN GASOLINE was written by Paschal Okafor. The article was last modified: June 27th, 2016
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