Google Chrome Browser Overview

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Google Chrome logoHave you checked out the new browser from Google yet? Google Chrome is an open source browser designed to handle today’s and tomorrow’s web applications better. If you have not tried it yet, Google Chrome is available for free download for Windows Vista/XP SP 2. Download Google Chrome now.

Google releases a new Beta Chrome browser, its 30% faster

Google Announces Google Chrome OS: A free open source OS based on Linux

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Overview Google Chrome browser

Downloading Google Chrome is easy simply click the download Google Chrome link and follow a few instructions. In a few seconds, the setup code will download. Opening Google Chrome setup-code will start the download of the browser files, which will be complete in a few minutes. Once you are through and all is well it is now time to launch your Google Chrome browser.

Once you launch Google Chrome browser, the first thing you will notice is the simplicity of its interface. You are most likely to identify the forward, refresh and back buttons to the left of address bar (omnibox), all other buttons you are used to in other browsers, are bundled together in page menu button. Page menu button is to the right the address bar. Clicking Page menu button will reveal more options.

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Well browsers are used for surfing the internet, so enter a web address like in your address bar. Google Chrome is intuitive so once you start entering a domain name you will get suggestions for both search and web pages. Hence, Google Chrome’s address bar, called omnibox, can also be used for web search or even to bookmark sites. The more you use the browser the smarter its suggestions for search and web pages will be.

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Google releases a new Beta Chrome browser, its 30% faster

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Google Announces Google Chrome OS: A free open source OS based on Linux

You do not even need to launch your Google Chrome browser before you browse, you can create application shortcuts to your favourite web applications. Once this is done you will be able to load such applications via your desktop or start menu. This gives you fast access to such web applications. One application that you may want to create a shortcut for in Google Chrome browser is your email applications (like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, & so on).

When you download a document, Google Chrome creates a bar for the download, enabling you to view the document without leaving your Google Chrome browser window. You can also search your downloads directly from your browser window.

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When you try to create a new tab, Google Chrome displays a page showing thumbnails of your most visited websites and search engines. If the website you wish to load is on the page simply load it, else use the address bar.

Google releases a new Beta Chrome browser, its 30% faster

Google Announces Google Chrome OS: A free open source OS based on Linux

Google Chrome enables you alter the position of tabs. For example, you can move the first tab to the position of tab three. Off course when this happens tab three will move to two while tab two will shift to tab one. This means you can choose to arrange your tab to suite you.

Each browser tab has its own process. This ensures that a malfunction in one tab does not does not crash other tabs. Creating a sandbox for each tab also gives you some level of protection from malicious websites when using Google Chrome.

Chrome browser provides additional protection by continuously communicating with Google. Chrome browser does some kind of certificate verification to ensure that the site you want to visit is indeed the one you clicked. If not Google Chrome notifies you with a warning.

Google Chrome also warns you when you attempt to visit a known phishing site. This is also a dividend of communication between the Chrome browser and Google.

In all Google Chrome has the potential of becoming a great browser. It is user friendly, intuitive, aids faster browsing and has a number of great security features. Google Chrome has what it takes to compete at the highest level with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).

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