Mobile Broadband Service Across The Globe – O2 Services Review

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Considering global records and statistics, people can now see that numerous companies offer mobile broadband services that will suit their needs and areas. Naturally, some services are only available in a certain countries.Although their services may not be available to everyone, it’s also helpful to be familiarized with their services to compare how other countries’ mobile broadband services with those offered within your area. Just how far have they improved their services?

Market competition at its finest

Mobile broadband service providers want to study their market competition. They want to know the latest technology applied in their systems and how they can provide better services to clients.

Knowing the competition also helps them develop ways on how to improve their services. They may invest on other services or tie up with other companies to come up with the same technology. Serving as an investment, they understand that it can equate into returns or profits in the end.

O2 mobile broadband – A competitor

O2 gained its popularity not only because of their mobile services but also because of their XDA palm phones. This UK-based company doesn’t only offer mobile phone services but mobile broadband services for people within the area.

As they are a UK-based company, they won’t be able to provide services to other consumers outside the country. However, it’s still worth it to check their mobile broadband services and have an idea how UK subscribers take advantage of their services.

O2 mobile broadband services review

What O2 is proud of is how they provide different mobile broadband services to their subscribers. They want to make sure that each consumer gets the right services and pay only for what they need. Currently, they have three plans offered to their subscribers.

Pay & Go

The Pay & Go mobile broadband service is also known as their dongle only service. It offers the following features.

  • Affordable USB dongle for mobile broadband access. Basically, consumers will only pay for the dongle.
  • No monthly bills. Allows users to access the internet only when they need to.
  • Easy to purchase passes or credits. Since this mobile broadband service type only has the dongle, buyers still need to purchase credits or mobile broadband access to their stores. The good point however is it’s very easy to purchase so people will not find it that inconvenient on their end.
  • Dongle brand and model: Huawei E173

Pay & Go Starter Kit

This service is somehow similar with the dongle only mobile broadband service but it allows you to connect instantly online with its features.

  • Connect immediately. This feature is preloaded with internet access credits or passes so you can immediately access the internet. Hence, you just need to buy credits once the included load is consumed.
  • Two package types. You have the freedom to choose the access that you want to have. Options include from 1GB or 2GB data package based on the access that you want to have. The 1GB package’s rates include access for three months while the 2GB’s rate is for a month of mobile broadband access.
  • Affordable service. Initial purchase includes the dongle’s price so you don’t have to spend extra on the main device.
  • Unlimited public Wi-Fi. O2 has their Openzones or hotspots which consumers can access unlimitedly. Finding these hotspots is easy by checking the WiFi locator program on their website. This serves as an added value for people.
  • Dongle brand and model: Huawei E173

Pay Monthly

This service basically includes all the features offered in the Pay & Go Starter Kit. The only difference is people need to pay monthly on this service, which includes 1GB data package.

O2 offers these mobile broadband services to UK consumers. Knowing these details is very important for consumers to know what they can get in choosing their services.

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