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Register .com.ng .ng .org.ng .gov.ng Domain Name

Register .com.ng and .ng Domain Name
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Need a .ng, .com.ng,, .org.ng, or a .gov.ng domain name? If you run a business in Nigeria or a multinational business with a subsidiary in Nigeria, it is a good investment to register .com.ng domain name. .com.ng and .org.ng domain names are not registered by all domain name registrars. Here you will find domain name registrars that register .com.ng and .org.ng domain names.

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If you are a government organization, you can register a .gov.ng domain name for the organisation. The price of a .com.ng domain averages to 2,500 Naira, while a .ng domain name costs 15,000 Naira.

Register a .ng Domain Name

Domain names on offer include .com.ng, .org.ng, .edu.ng, .name.ng, .gov.ng .mobi.ng, and .sch.ng. Here are a few domain name registrars to register your .ng domain name with.

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International domain name registrars like GoDaddy and Namecheap do not register Nigeria’s country code top level domain (ccTLD) .ng and its other derivatives like .com.ng, .gov.ng, etc.

If you are a multinational company and want to secure your domain name for Nigeria, these are some of the best services to register .com.ng domain.

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Personally, I use registeram to register .com.ng domain names and the service is good. I pay using my Naira Mastercard, but registeram also supports payment via bank deposit (probably for people who still live in the 20th century).

Registeram also offers an advanced domain management dashboard which enables you do a lot with the domain name. You have access to nameservers, which enables you host your website on any hosting service.

You can also add and update records like CNAME, MX, A, NS, or SOA, which gives you a lot of room for configuration, bringing their domain name registration services at par with leading global brands in the business.

Although I have not used the other domain name registration services, they probably offer similar level of customisation as registeram, please share your experience.

Most of these domain name registrars are based in Nigeria, most will accept cash at a local bank. You can also easily pay using local e-payment solutions like your InterSwitch Verve card.

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