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Home Gaming Sony PS3 Price in Nigeria – 320GB 250GB 12GB 160GB PlayStation 3

Sony PS3 Price in Nigeria – 320GB 250GB 12GB 160GB PlayStation 3

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The PlayStation platform is the most popular gaming platform in the world. The Sony PS3 is a 7th generation console built for the platform. Sony PS3 is not just a gaming console it is an entertainment centre for the whole family. It is available with a number of built-in storage for storing games, movies, music, and photos. Sony PS3 Price in Nigeria ranges from 48,000 Naira to up to 95,000 Naira depending on the configuration, your location and/or store.

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Sony PS3 12GB Super Slim
Sony PS3 is available in Nigeria with 160GB, 250GB, 320GB, and 500GB built-in storage. A low cost super-slim model with just 12GB storage is also available in Nigeria.

PlayStation 3 Price in Nigeria

Here are prices of Sony PS3 in Nigeria:

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  • Sony PS3 12GB (Super Slim) – 48,000 Naira – 57,000 – Buy Now
  • Sony PS3 160GB (Slim) – 63,000 Naira – 75,000 Naira
  • Sony PS3 250GB (Slim & Super Slim) – 65,000 Naira – 90,000 Naira
  • Sony PS3 320GB (Slim) – 67,000 Naira – 100,000 Naira
  • Sony PS3 500GB (Slim & Super Slim) – 60,000 Naira – 105,000 Naira

Sony PS3 usually comes in bundles. The Sony PS3 price in Nigeria depends on the built-in storage, the included accessories, included games, features, design/slimness, your location, and/or store you choose to buy from. It may just offer just the console and a few accessories or the PS3 console bundled with games (usually one game).

Some games that are often bundled with Sony PS3 consoles in Nigeria include PES 13, FIFA 13, Batman 2, Uncharted 3, etc. Note that consoles bundled with games will cost more, but will be cheaper compared to buying the game separately.

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Sony PS3 Specs:

    Here is a brief specs of the Sony PS3. Note that this is a general specs and may not be true every model. So confirm the specs at the store.

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  • Status: Available Since Nov, 2006, Slim Models available since Sept 2009, Super Slim Models available since Sept, 2012
  • Storage: 2.5-inch SATA 160GB HDD, 250GB HDD, 320GB HDD, 500GB HDD, 12GB Flash drive (PS3 12GB only)
  • Cell Broadband engine
  • Blu-ray Player: Play Blu-ray, DVDs, CDs, PS game discs, PS2 game discs
  • DualShock 3 Wireless Controller
  • Full HD support
  • Wi-Fi
  • USB Port
  • HDMI out
  • PlayStation Network Membership
  • USB cable
  • AV cable
  • AC power cord

NaijaTechGuide does not offer any price guarantees, Sony PS3 Price in Nigeria may change without being reflected on this page immediately. These are only price suggestions. The price listed on this page is in Nigeria Naira.

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