How to Buy a DVD Player

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DVD Players are an essential part of a modern day’s home entertainment. You need them for watching those blockbuster movies and TV series. Buying a DVD player is no longer a big deal as their prices have dropped dramatically. DVD players are cheaper than most mobile phones. You can buy good DVD players at a price as low as 5,000 Naira. This article will look at how to buy a DVD player.

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What Makes a DVD Player

Two things make a good DVD player: good quality pictures and surround sound. A DVD player delivers good quality audio and video for your home entertainment. A DVD disc offers more capacity than the ordinary VCD disc and hence can capture and deliver more picture and sound details, which can be seen as improved picture and sound quality if you have the right TV and sound system.

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If you have an HDTV, then buying a DVD player is a must if you want to enjoy the improved picture quality that an HDTV promises. Ensure the DVD Player is progressive scan enabled. In addition, your DVD player will make the best of the surround sound system in your home.

Will it play Multiple Formats?

A DVD Player should not only play DVD discs. It should also play other disc formats. At least, it should play VCD, which is the distribution format for most Nollywood movies. It should also play Audio CD, so that you could listen to songs from your favourite musicians. MP3 playback should also be considers for playing mp3 CDs.

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Other formats that a DVD player could play are DivX, jpeg, and WMV. Even the DVD is available in multiple formats like DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD Ram. Every DVD player will not support all formats. So, ensure you buy one that supports all the formats you need.

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USB Support

Some DVD Players come with a USB port. This port will enable you watch photos stored on your flash drive. You may also be able to watch videos and listen to music stored in your flash drive if supported by the DVD players. Note that for you to be able to play any media on a flash drive it must be in a format playable by the DVD player.

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Most DVD players can only show photos in jpeg. Other media formats supported by DVD players include DivX, mp3, and WMA. Some DVD players offer a feature that enables you record certain media formats to a flash drive via your DVD players.

Up-Converting DVD

If you own an HD TV like most large screen (32-inch+) LCD, LED, 3D, or plasma TVs, a DVD player with up-converting feature is recommended. Up-converting DVD players feature digital video outputs like HDMI or DVI that offer better picture quality on High Definition TVs.

An upconverting DVD player will convert your standard definition DVD signal to a form more suitable for widescreen HDTVs. If you do not have an HDTV or not probably going to buy one in the next few years, there is no need buying an upconverting DVD player.

So, now that you are informed, visit your favourite store and buy a good DVD player.

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