The First Social Network to Share Revenue with its Users

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Bebuzee is the name of the most recent social network to share revenue with its users. Founded in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom and with only three months of existence, it has already recorded over five million users worldwide, surpassing some of the most influential social networks, this in terms of success achieved in such a small period of time.
As sceptical as it may sound, Bebuzee believes that social networks should share their profits with their users since it is through them that income is generated in the first place. Without users there is no online traffic, no adverts clicked on nor viewed, there is no revenue and there is no Social Network. It is for these simple facts that Bebuzee decided to go one step ahead of other Social Networks.

No doubt this new road of clicks which allows the instantaneous share of information, stamps out a new era in the world of Social Media and with it there must also be a change to the way things are done. Joe Onyero, founder of Bebuzee says “it is about time we reward our users by giving back half of the profit we make through them”. This is the prime characteristic encrypted in Bebuzee’s DNA; to look after the users and reward them, to compensate in some way for the time they spend on the site. “A simple view or like on a picture and the share of a status, among other interactions will offer the user automatically a stipulated amount”. For each thousand impressions, the user will benefit from $0.50 and for each click on adverts on someone’s page, that user will receive $0.25. These sums will be paid via PayPal or Bank transfer into user’s accounts at the end of each month once they have reached $100 mark.

It is likely that this method of sharing revenue with users will attract a substantial amount of people to join Bebuzee and even perhaps leave other Social Networks since impressions are easy to attain when people post statuses throughout the day. To generate impressions not only depends how much content it is posted but also on the size of a user’s network and their usage of the service. This feature will not make users millionaires just by logging in on a daily basis but it will boost the user through the fact that a Social Network is taking the effort to reward him or her.

As part of benefiting users, Bebuzee, has developed features and yet still working on others which are to come out soon to provide the best service that people are likely to log and stay plugged in all day. It is said that some of these have never been seen before in the world of social media, and it will establish Bebuzee a landmark which differentiates them from the rest. For now we can lift the tip of the veil and unveil “Rate My Pic”. By going onto this feature the user will see the pictures of their friends as well as random pictures of other users and rate them with either a “Love it”, “Maybe” and “Not Really”. Not only is this a fun way of rating your friends pictures but this will also give the chance to generate more impressions through posting more pictures. This in turn will convert them into money.

Another feature believed to be revolutionary to come out soon is ‘shopping by images’. This is where shopaholics will get addicted; in this feature users will be able to search for products from every category they wish to buy. A whole gallery of pictures of items will be displayed onto Bebuzee’s screen with items from different business, brands and shops. All a user has to do is click the image of the item they wish to view and/or buy and it will direct the user to the purchase page of that site. Whether you are looking for a dress, bicycle or a sofa, Bebuzee believes that by having all of the products from different brands into one search page will make shopping more efficient and fun, saving the consumer time than by going to various different sites. This way the user can compare the items they are looking without having to spend much time searching around.

Apart from the features available on the site, Bebuzee, expresses a great deal of concern over user’s data and their privacy. Joe Onyero says he is “tired of hearing people complain about their personal information being shared and sold to third parties”. “This is a great deal to us and so it should be to other Social Networks, users are entitled to exercise their rights over their information and have no worries or what so ever”. Bebuzee insures their users of total privacy and confidentiality of their data.

Bebuzee is giving a unique opportunity to all users which has not been seen in the world of Social Media. They do not restrict themselves to invitations only nor do they require users to pay any fees to join but in turn they offer $1 for signing up. It is a Social Network of the people, their aim is to benefit everyone who joins them and respect their rights as users. A simple 30 seconds registration and clicks on the mouse will guarantee the user a winner.

More than a simple social network, Bebuzee assumes to be a new platform of experiences where originality, innovation and ethics revolutionise the social universe. By creating online traffic through sharing information, talking to your friends and shopping, amongst many other things it will provide the user with the chance to make revenue without any effort.

It is still early days to blow their trumpet but Bebuzee efforts are certainly being recognised by users around the world with over five million registers. Their ambitions are not to be over looked by other Social Media’s as they plan to correct any wrongs done by others.

With a Social Network like Bebuzee can you afford not to join the ‘Buz’? Visit Bebuzee

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