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People Facebook

How to Know the Opinion of People on Facebook?

Social media has brought revolution in the lives of people all over the world and no doubt Facebook is a leading platform. Billions of people are connected with each other through Facebook. This connectivity has brought a lot of ease in life and has made easy access in many...
Facebook Security Tips

3 Tips to Secure Facebook Account from Hackers

For many users, Facebook is just another way to communicate with friends and family. You can spend some quality time on this entertaining social media platform. But for many other users, this is just a social media platform, not just a tool to communicate. Perhaps, Facebook is a place...
Zuckerberg feature Leo, UBA ChatBanking Chatbot as Delivers his Keynote at Facebook's 2018 F8 Developer Conference

Zuckerberg features Leo, UBA ChatBanking Chatbot as he Delivers his Keynote at Facebook’s 2018 F8 Developer Conference

Facebook kicked off the 2018 edition of its annual developer conference, the F8, yesterday (May 1) at the San Jose Convention Center in California. The two day event brings together developers from around the world to discuss the future of technology. Facebook also used the opportunity to make some...
Content to Drive Social Media Engagement

5 Types of Content to Drive Social Media Engagement

Social media is a place where many businesses thrive to communicate and sell to their customers. In its early days, it used to be considered a genie. But, as tons of business join every day, getting social media services has become more crucial in its success. Simply having a social...
Smart Strategies to Utilize Email Marketing and Social Media for your Business

Smart Strategies to Utilize Email Marketing and Social Media for your Business

When you think about starting a business, you think about thousands of ideas. If you start doing research on Google, that number grows to be even bigger. You can take inspiration from digital entrepreneurs and startups. Observe their strategies, and learn from both their mistakes and their successful tactics. You...
The Ultimate Guide To Build A Brand

The Ultimate Guide To Build A Brand Using Social Media

It’s 2018 already and social media industry has become bigger than ever. With the leading social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+, the number of active social media users in 2017 reached 2.46 billion. As per Statista, this number will grow at warp speed and...
Instagram Followers

How to Get Unlimited Instagram Followers For Free

In an app-driven world, connecting with friends is one click away. Social media portals like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have increased the tradition of overhyping Instagram Followers list. Organizations are paying a lot of money for increasing their followers on Instagram. It helps them create an outreach and a wider...

Instagram for Businesses 2018

2018 is here and the first thing that comes to the mind of every entrepreneur is strategies to deploy for a better business result. Social Media is not left out and more importantly, INSTAGRAM BUSINESSES which has proved itself in recent times and is still doing more. It’s simply...
Quick recap

Social Media Marketing: All that has been said thus far

Today brings the last set in a series of posts that you have been reading about social media marketing. We have surely had a lot of fun together, and whether you are a business owner or prospective one, I believe you would have had something to take home as...
Social media marketing strategy

How to Build a Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2018

So, we have been doing quite the extensive study in social media marketing. If you are still stuck on how to get started with social media marketing, or have not seen our list of common social media marketing mistakes to avoid, you should take time out to go have...