The Flash Season 3 Finale ends without The Wedding

The Flash Season 3
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Last night’s (May 24) finale of The Flash season 3 threw up a lot of mixed emotions. It started in a happy note as we learn Iris didn’t really die, but the funny H.R. with the help of the shape-shifting tech he built earlier in the season swapped places with her and paid the ultimate price.

I will surely miss the Earth 19’s H.R. Wells as he supplied comic relief throughout the season, but Iris had to live as that seem to be the point of the entire season. Most of the Flash season 3 centered around how to save Iris. The entire season would have been a complete waste if she died, but still I wish there could have been a better way to save Iris without sacrificing the goofy H.R.

But, if we have learnt anything from the Flash (and time travel) so far, it is that no one really dies as they are always alive in another timeline. We saw this manifest in the penultimate episode of the Flash season 3 where Barry had to go back in time to 1892 to bring Snart (who is dead in current timeline) to help steal the energy source required for building the Space Force Bazooka.

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So, it is not entirely impossible that the funny H.R. Wells will briefly appear in future, hopefully in the Flash season 4. However, with infinite multiverse am sure there must be another funny H.R. Wells in one of them and we still have the more serious H.R. Wells from Earth 2 as consolation.

While the Flash season 3 finale started in a joyful note, it ended some worth in a sober note with our hero sacrificing himself to save Central City and leaving us without the wedding we have been waiting for.

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When Barry returned the engagement ring to Iris, I was almost sure the next scene will be the wedding, but the Speed Force had other plans. With a Speed Force storm threatening to destroy Central City as a result of the void created in the Speed Force prison by Cisco’s sabotage of Savitar’s grand plan of beating the paradox, our hero the Flash had to sacrifice himself to save his city, putting a pause on the wedding.

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This was a sad end to what was a great season. ‘Sad’ seems to be the theme in the season finale of the DC Comics universe with Supergirl season 2 ending with Kara parting with her love, Mon-El and Arrow season 5 ending with us not knowing the fate of the Arrow team as the Lian Yu island explodes.

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The Flash going into the Speed Force kind of leaves the wedding in limbo, especially with Barry telling Iris to get on with her life. It is now possible that the Flash season 4 could start with Iris dating someone else (getting on with her life).

This means we may have to endure several episodes or even seasons without the wedding happening. I think the wedding of Iris and Barry is long overdue and would want it resolved in the Flash season 4. What do you think?

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