11 iPhone Photography Tips for Landscape Photography

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Nowadays, anyone with a camera phone can be a photographer. If that statement may seem a little far-fetched for you, you should probably go onto Instagram and check out the beautiful and breathtaking pictures that people have managed to take.

You don’t have to have a brilliant high-end camera to take beautiful shots, just a few tactics in the bag and you will be good to go.

Landscape photography is something that is incredibly simple to master once you know a few handy tips and tricks which can be shot by using something as simple as an iPhone.

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iPhone Photography: How To Get That Perfect Landscape Shot

Below, we have compiled a list of the eleven essentials that will send you on your way to being the pro photographer you have always wanted to be.

1. Take In The Surroundings

You don’t have to have a beautiful fairy tale like surrounding to make your pictures stand out. Take a moment. Realize the beauty that encapsulates the surrounding and chooses to capture just that.

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Walk around, and see what the place has to offer before you decide on a subject in the vicinity to shoot.

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2. Find The Light


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Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a good picture, and playing around that can give you a shot that is worth your while.

Make sure that the focus of your image is well illuminated to ensure that you can capture it well, with all its details. Another good tip is to play around with the light to give your photograph more depth.

Using shadows to illuminate and showcase certain areas is a good way to capture a beautiful landscape.

3. Make Sure You Have Enough Exposure

Remember that your eyes see differently as compared to your phone camera, and can even vary from one device to another. Be sure to look at what you are clicking and how it is coming out on the screen, and adjust it accordingly to ensure that you have got it right.

4. Get Close And Personal

Up Close Photography Shot

This one is specifically for iPhone users. The focus on the phone is extremely good and hence taking a closer and more detailed picture of the landscape can give you some stunning pictures.

5. Pay Heed To Composition

The overall structure of the frame can make or break the picture, and therefore it is necessary to make sure that the landscape you are shooting follows the three-part rule.

6. Take To The Beautiful Sky

The Sky

The Sky can be a beautiful thing to capture and can augment your entire photograph and landscape that you are capturing.

If you are someone who is more spontaneous, going out and taking a landscape shot when the sky is at its best is a great way to ensure that you end up with beautiful photographs.

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7. Choose Depth

Selecting a location that has impressive depth is one way to go about achieving beautiful pictures. A picture having more depth gives it an overall better feel, adding to the overall beauty of the image.

8. Burst!

Taking Flying Bird Shot with iPhone camera Burst feature

Using the burst mode on the iPhone is a brilliant way to capture a moving landscape. Say you see some bird flying about amidst your landscape and think it would complement your shot perfectly?

If you opt to click the picture the usual way, the chances are that the birds would have already changed their position before you get the shot.

The iPhone’s burst feature was specially designed to have an extremely fast shutter speed, to capture fast moving objects always to give you the perfect shot.

9. Focus On Point

The focus of the iPhone is one of the best of the camera’s features. Taking advantage of this, one can achieve extremely focused and brilliant shots showing all the textures of the landscape that one is trying to capture.

10. Different Angles

One of the more important things about landscape photography is the angle from which one is seeking to shoot it.

The angle of a photograph can make all the difference, and hence experimenting with different perspectives of the same landscape is a good way to ensure that you will end up with the best view of the landscape in your photograph.

11. Be Patient

One of the most important things to keep in mind when trying to capture a beautiful landscape photography shot is to be patient and give nature some time.

Since you can’t tell the surrounding what to do and how to pose, the best option is to wait and let the surrounding get into the best form to give you that perfect shot.

Professional photographers spend hours and sometimes even days setting up and then trying to get that perfect landscape shot, but hey, they do end up with something that is brilliant at the end, and that makes it all worth it.

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Author’s Bio

Matthew David Parker is a photographer based out of Las Vegas. He found his inspiration in the people and architecture there. When he first began he would walk through the streets and across the Strip and find something exceptional in the ordinary. He enjoys taking photographs of everyday life in the city, as well as it’s amazing architecture. He has developed a reputation as an exceptional photographer and is honored by the recognition.

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