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How to choose a Gaming Laptop or Gaming PC?

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Well, laptops are fun, aren’t they? What is impossible here? Nothing for sure! Official works, watching movie, listening to songs, gaming every thing is here. Gaming may be the most attractive and thrilling installment of a laptop. In the early 90’s, those games were 2D and not very thrilling. But in the last one decade we have seen  a note worthy revolution of games on PC.

They have become well-designed with 3D support. Also the resolution of a game is increasing continuously. So if you want to play FIFA, Assassin’s Creed, Need For Speed, Watchdogs and some other high graphics games you have to possess a capable laptop. Otherwise, you may suffer from lagging and other problems. So here I’m going to give some specs that you should have in your laptop for a smooth gaming experience.

  • Processor: I will suggest Intel Core i7-6700 (or similar class) for a perfect gaming experience. It can boost itself from 2.6 GHz up to 3.5 GHz if it needs. If you can’t afford this. Make sure you have at least an Intel Core i5 processor of 6th or 7th
  • Monitor: For better experience try to have a 18 inch monitor. If you can’t afford this you can go with 17 inch. The size of your monitor depends on your taste. But for a higher resolution game you should have a decent size of monitor.
  • RAM: You are going to play high graphics games. Don’t mock around with your 2 or 4 GB RAM. You should have at least 8GB Built-In RAM in your laptop. Otherwise the Gaming PC will keep suffering from lags. Some games even won’t run with low RAM.
  • Storage: I think it would be better if you get at least 500 GB internal storage. Because all of these games are 4-16 GB. If you can afford a 1TB (Terabyte) it would be better for you to store games and as well as other files. In addition, keep the default C drive with more space. As your games are going to be installed in this default drive, you should make some good space for multiple gaming.
  • Graphics Card: It depends on what kind of game you are going to play. If you are going to play games at 1080p, I will recommend you to try GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. If you want to play higher resolution games go with GeForce GTX 1060, in addition, there are also higher graphics card like GTX 1070 & GTX 1080.
  • VRAM: Video RAM is broadly known as VRAM. It is important that how much Video RAM got a mobile GPU. For 1080p gaming a 2GB GDDR5 VRAM is perfect. If you want to play higher resolution game, go with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM or higher.
  • Ports: Before buying a gaming laptop you have to make sure you have as many ports as you need. Be sure about USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 both are suitable. Also take a look if you have a SD card slot or not.

These are the fundamental specs when you are going to choose a gaming laptop. But there are also some important facts that you should notice. They are-

  • Keyboard: Keyboards are an essential part of gaming. Check all the buttons. For night gaming experience you should have a keyboard with button-lights. Otherwise you have to turn on your room’s light whole time.
  • Speakers: Your laptop’s built-in speaker feature is another factor for an excellent gaming experience. So check your speakers before you buy a laptop for gaming.
  • Battery: When you are going to play a mission for a long time, don’t you think you should get a better battery? Cause you don’t want to see the notification of “Battery Low” while you are in a mission of a game. I would recommend you a battery life of more that 8 hours.

Before buying a laptop for gaming you must ensure these factors mentioned above. These days,  you can also find Gaming laptops under $1000 from local markets. Laptops contains built-in feature, so there would be missing some features. So it would be wise to choose according to your need. You have to make decision about which feature you are going to sacrifice. You should not buy a laptop without any previous experience. It would be better for you to research thoroughly before buying one. Otherwise, expert’s suggestion is prescribed for you. Happy gaming!

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