Top 5 Printer Problems and their Solutions

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Technology has facilitated us in innumerable ways. In fact, it has made us dependent. We are so much relied on it that when a software or hardware doesn’t perform properly, it frustrates us. Similar is the case with printers.

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Delays associated with printer problems can be annoying when the equipment doesn’t work properly. But the manufacturers have made sure the problems can be resolved. Here are the top five problems that every printer tends to encounter and their solutions as well to tackle the issue effectively.

1. Slow Printing

One of the most annoying thing with printers is the time it takes to print. Slow time print can be a result of high resolution setting, choice of drivers or a memory issue. Nevertheless, it can be resolved as well.

If you do not want a high quality print, then a normal or standard mode can be selected. If you want to process large images then consider adding memory to keep the printer working in a quick manner.

2. Paper Jams

Paper jams can be another problematic thing. Even if you have encountered the problem of slow printing, paper jam is an issue that comes often. However, in order to resolve this concern, inspect the paper path and remove all the jammed material. Take out the stuck paper straight without tearing it.

A misaligned paper can cause jam as well. To resolve this issue, remove the tray and position the paper correctly. Also ensure that type of paper is supported by your printer.

3. Bad looking Prints

Even if the printer is operating perfectly, the final product may sometimes look terrible. Poor quality of image may make the appearance unprofessional and sloppy.

In order to make the printing quality better, follow one of the steps below:

  • Make sure print driver have correct paper or media selected.
  • Check whether toner cartridges and fuser is in order.
  • In order to eliminate smudge marks, print few blank sheets and it will eventually fade away.

4. Printer doesn’t Print

When the printer doesn’t print at all, then check whether the print job is sent to the right printer. Also make sure there is enough paper in the tray. The printer must be on and all the cables must be securely placed. The right drivers must be installed as well. However, the easiest solution to this problem is by restarting the printer and software application. Also try rebooting the computer.

5. Outdated Technology

This is an issue that comes at some point in time. The printer might be good to you for a long time but the problems would start later. Every printer has a certain lifetime. Accept the fact and consider it as an outdated technology. Get ready for a replacement and consider a new printer. Given that there is a wide variety of printers available in the market, you can choose the one that meets your needs and preferences.

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