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Sage Business Cloud Accounting Price and Features

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Choosing the best accounting software for your small business can be a herculean task. Not for the lack of them, but for the fact that there are so many options, there is rarely a sure way to weed out the bad and leave the good ones. Even with the good ones left, choosing the best one from that bunch can still be a little challenging.

One of such good ones is the Cloud Accounting option from Sage. If that has been looking like something you want to get involved with, here is a thorough Sage Business Cloud Accounting Review and Overview to help you make the best decision.

Note that accounting software used to be branded as Sage One in a number of countries like Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa. For details about Sage Business Cloud Accounting in Nigeria, Click Here

What is Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

Formerly known as Sage One, the Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a platform that originated from the UK and has since gone on to establish itself as the go-to accounting solution for small businesses. With millions of small businesses under its belt, this software allows you back up and send your accounting data to the cloud in real time.

In a time and day when data is being consumed on the go and with smaller devices, such cloud support makes it possible to access your financial records at anywhere and anytime, using any internet-enabled device too.

The software also does more than just basic accounting for those that want to fully engage it. With a slew of accounting training tools and involving options on board, to mention but a few, this software shapes up to be the one-stop financial solution for small businesses that need that kind of flexibility and organisation in their operations.

To visit Sage website for more details, click here.

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting Overview

When in the software, the dashboard is one of the most detailed and informative we have ever seen developed. The software also comes with a lot of graphical functions that helps to visually translate your figures for better understanding.

Some of the added functionalities that comes with this software is the tracking of supplier purchases, customer sales history, importation of bank statements and management of cash flow.

With support for multiple platforms, you can leave the office and access your space from the cloud with an Android or iOS device. That helps you to literally take your office on the road with you, allowing you to make quick references at needed points in time.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Review 2018

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting Features

There are a lot of features that an average user of the Sage Business Cloud Accounting will enjoy. Most of those that make this solution stand out from other software in the market are

  • Accountant Access: Allows you invite your accountant as a user
  • Bank Imports: Lets you import bank statements directly, saving you the stress of manual access
  • Dashboard: Educative and intuitive enough to help you make quick decisions
  • Drill downs: Helps you bore into the hearts of reports generated
  • Mobile support
  • Cloud support giving way for remote access
  • Automatically invoice customers
  • Reports and layouts design
  • Diverse reporting features
  • Solid support
  • Inbuilt to-to list manager


  • Support is unlimited
  • Training is supplied to the users
  • Easy tracking of payments
  • Easy importation of bank records
  • Recurring invoices
  • Can be used on mobile devices
  • Handles your tasks and reminders
  • Informative reports for better decision making


  • Software is not fully mature yet
  • Doesn’t manually update dates
  • Not very good with PayPal and CSV records imports

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Pricing

The pricing of this software is the most interesting part of it. For everything they claim to offer, they are taking very little for it. I think that goes on to state just how committed they are to their target market – the small businesses.

It is also worthy of note that skeptical business owners can choose to go for the 30-day free trial on the two packages offered and then come back to pay for subsequent months should they like what they get.

Speaking of packages, here they are, what they offer you, and what they cost.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Start – $10 / month

The Start package offers

  • Record income
  • Record expenses
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Account access
  • Instant automatic backup
  • Supports one user

Sage Business Cloud Accounting – $25 / month

The main cloud accounting package gives you

  • All features from Start package above
  • Pick cash or accrual accounting
  • Unlimited users
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Estimates
  • Quotes
  • Vendor bills

In Nigeria, Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software costs 6,500 Naira per month or 70,200 per year. For details, click here.

Wrap Up

After getting your 30-day free trial, you can start enjoying the software for 6,500 Naira a month or 70,200 Naira per year. For everything that this software promises, I know you will agree that it is quite a good deal.

If there is anything still unclear from this Sage Business Cloud Accounting Review, please let us know in the comments. Those that are using the software currently, we’d like your take on the subject too. To Learn more about Sage Business Cloud Accounting and other Small Business solutions from Sage, Click Here.

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