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Small Businesses require a few key software. This include software for automating accounting, invoicing, payroll, database management. Other Software that are great for business include Office productivity suites for Word Processing and Presentation. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is also gaining in popularity.

Here you will find articles related to Small Business Software. Lists of the Best Small Business Software will also be found on this page:

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Slideshare vs Microsoft Powerpoint

SlideShare Vs Microsoft PowerPoint – What to Choose?

In today’s digital age, effective presentations are essential in a variety of industries including education, business, and marketing. People can use various tools and software to make their presentations visually appealing and engaging. In this article, we will be comparing SlideShare and PowerPoint in-depth, highlighting their similarities, differences, how they work, and of course their subscription plans. SlideShare SlideShare is a well-known online site where you can share presentations with a worldwide audience in a variety of file formats, including PowerPoint, PDF, and Keynote. In addition to sharing, you can gain useful information on the subject of your choice. It includes a...
SaaS for People Management

How Can SaaS Change the Game of People Management?

SaaS stands for software as a service, and it is defined as a licensing model which allows access through a subscription basis. SaaS is one of the three major categories of cloud computing, along with IaaS and PaaS. The provider of this software offers the service to end-users over the internet. The software is usually stored in external servers instead of in-house. So, SaaS saves its users from the need to deploy hardware components.  Further, SaaS providers are responsible for updating and maintaining this software. This makes SaaS one of the most beneficial and sought-after solutions for different organizations. It is being...
Small Business SME

SME: 8 Apps And Features That Every Business Owner Must Know

Although SMEs contribute immensely to Nigeria’s economy and also account for 48% of the country's national GDP, as well as 96% of businesses and 84% of employment in the country, it is still difficult to run a startup in Nigeria. However, there are some SME-friendly tools and solutions that can ease a bit of that burden for the young entrepreneur. Here are seven apps and features helping small business owners manage their operations better. 1. Wave Wave is an all-in-one toolkit for small businesses to create invoices, track transactions, and log in customer/vendor accounting details. It also assists in tracking income and expenses, receiving payments...
Google Slides eLearning Tips

8 Tips to Use Google Slides in eLearning

Having been hit hardest by Covid-19, 2020 was the year of change, transformation, adoption, and progression, not only for the business world but also for the education industry. The sudden outbreak of the pandemic resulted in the closure of schools across 186 countries, leaving over 1.2 billion children out of the classroom. The educational institutions that were based solely on traditional learning methods before the crisis suddenly shifted entirely to online overnight and realized the significance of making eLearning more responsive, flexible, and agile. All thanks to digital technologies and online presentation platforms that enabled the education sector to sail...
Sage Accounting Black Friday Deals 2020 (UK)

Sage Accounting Black Friday Deals 2023, get 70% Off

Sage Accounting has opened Black Friday Sale for customers in the US and the UK. The world leader of business and accounting solutions is offering 70% off its Sage Business Cloud Accounting software for 3 months subscription in the United States and 6 months free its accounting and Payroll solutions in the United Kingdom. These Sage Accounting Black Friday deals is available from now till midnight November 29, 2023. View Offers. You may also be interested in the Jumia Brand Festival. Sage Black Friday Deals 2023 Sage Business Cloud Accounting Start - $3/month (Save $7/month) Sage Business Cloud Accounting - $7/month (Save...
Best Accounting Software Vendors in Nigeria

Best Accounting Software Vendors in Nigeria – 3 Tips to Choose...

Before the advent of technology, maintaining the books of account of a small and growing business requires careful entry of numbers in a paper ledger. This is not anymore because today businesses of all sizes in different industries – retail and manufacturing, financial services, real estate and property management, co-operatives, credit, and finance, etc - use accounting software to track their cash flow, as well as to project revenue and take timely business decisions. You want to see the prices of genuine accounting software here? Please click here to visit online store for QuickBooks, Sage 50, Busy and Tally ERP Remarkably,...
Appointeze - Ideal Appointment Scheduling Tools

10 Ideal Appointment Scheduling Tools

Are you exhausted from the paperwork, applicants and other administrative tasks? Do you want to organize the tasks anyway? You must wish to find some way to eradicate all such problems!! When people relished life, they want a smooth and comfortable living. As people are involved in fashion, food, salon, etc. they want easy access to them. Therefore managing tasks daily is tricky, though. Here we have the solution to all of your problems. The digital era transformed life. This is an all-in-one online appointment booking software. Scheduling makes life effortless. It can meet the requirements of the business and provide the best...
Human Resource Management Software

10 Best HR Management Software for HR Managers

Human Resource Management Software is a software that is intended to automate the Human Resources process of an organization. The best HR management software provides organizations and HR managers with a comprehensive suite of tools for recruitment, managing employee data, tracking performance, managing payroll, and more. Inside any organization, building a great team is the most important thing required to achieve any level of success. Hence, it is the responsibility of the Human Resource Management team of that company to make sure that a capable and hard-working team is available to that company which can work with full dedication, focuses and...
Best Mobile Apps for Small Business

Best Mobile Apps for Small Business

Separating humans from their smartphones is an impossible task. This creates an opportunity for small businesses to tap into to grow. There are many useful apps that can be used to implement and monitor many business processes and most of these apps are free. We have listed below a few apps that can help your small business grow; 1. Enterprise-Specific Apps These are business-specific apps that can be downloaded based on the type of business you do. For example, if you are a trader, you can easily download an app such as VIX Index trading instead of using a laptop or a desktop to...
How A Salon POS System Can Make Salon Owners Happy

How A Salon POS System Can Make Salon Owners Happy?

Running a salon or spa business is not an easy task as assumed by many. One has to wake up early in the morning, open the salon centre, assign duties to the salon staff, communicate with customers, process their requests for the requested services, offer beauty products and services, manage finances, maintain diaries, etc. All these works make your life busy. The sudden flow of customers on weekend days, mismanagement in salon business operation, unannounced leaves taken by employees, irregularities in funds collection & management, negative remarks from dissatisfied customers, etc, add fuel in the fire and make your business...