The List of Recommended Games for Children who Love Cooking

The List of Recommended Games for Children who Love Cooking
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A game is a good alternative to introduce your children to something including an interesting activity. For example, you want to introduce the children to foods, kitchen, and cooking.

Playing several cooking games is a great trick to make them learn about ingredients, type of foods, and cooking process in the most fun way.

A specific portal such as g2k is a place where you can find hundreds of online games including the cooking games. Here, you can check the recommended cooking games for your children.

Let’s Get Cookin’

Let’s Get Cookin’ is a recommended cooking game for parents who want to introduce types of ingredients, kitchen utensils, and cooking process.

The players have to pick the ingredients stated in the recipe. Then, they have to process the ingredients such as cutting, fried, and many more.

The idea is to complete the task to prepare a meal for the guests. Interestingly, the game is presented in two different modes a single player mode and two players mode.

If you have a free time, you can choose two players mode and have fun with your beloved children. It is a simple game and fun to play whether for boys or girls especially if it seems that they want to know more about everything in the kitchen.

Big Chef

If your children want to be a chef, let them play a Big Chef. The mission of the game is to run a fast-food restaurant. The restaurant is supported by any kind of ingredients and cooking utensils.

Your job is to cook some delicious foods and serve it to the customers. The types of the foods are including pizza, hamburger, and many more based on the request from the customers. Big Chef is a suitable and fun game for your lovely children because it is easy to play.

They don’t have to use a complicated controller because they can play with a mouse and the left click. That’s it! Let your children play the game to boost their intention to be a professional chef when they grow up.


Ratatouille is one of the popular animation movies and most children love to watch it. Now, children are able to play the game by visiting g2k.

Game Pad

This game is also an interesting to play, especially if you want to introduce your children with cooking ingredients. They don’t have to cook just like the games above. The players have to memorize specific objects and then choose it based on the instruction.

It is a simple game to play but worth it to play for the children who want to spend their free time at home.

Sue Chocolate Candy Maker  

Indeed, most children love chocolate and candy. Instead of giving them the product, you can let them play the game. The suitable game which used chocolate and candy as the main theme is Sue Chocolate, Candy Maker.

This game is not only fun to play but also showing a moral message to the children. The story of the game is about Sue who wants to give something to her friend. Then, she decides to make sweet candies and chocolates. So, what do your children have to do in this game?

The player is trying to help Sue to prepare the sweet candies and chocolates. For example, the players have to complete a specific task such as making a milk chocolate or cracker, chocolate or strawberry cakes, and many more.

You can check the list of foods you have to complete on the feature. The challenging part is that you are not only helping Sue but you also have to make the candy and chocolate right away before the end of the time.

If you failed to complete the task, you can start over the game and try a little bit harder. It is really a fun game to play for sweet foods lovers!

Make a Burger

For children who love to eat a burger, you have to show them a cooking game entitled Make a Burger. Just like the title of the game, the main task of the player is to make a delicious burger.

Before doing it, the player has to see the menu first. This game is a good idea to introduce the children with the ingredients to prepare if they want to make a burger. For instance, they have to prepare the meatball, vegetable, cheese, and the burger.

Make a Burger is also an easy and fun game to play from g2k because the players just need to use a mouse and the right click.

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