What is an EE Signal Booster?

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Mobile phones allow us to be always connected to our friends and family through the power of the internet and mobile networks. This is why it can be incredibly frustrating when this cellular signal is no longer available. EE signal boosters are mobile phone signal boosters that can effortlessly resolve signal problems. You can use them in your home, office or other location.

When it comes to our phones, they are now a critical aspect of our lives. They help us with the basic functions of managing a phonebook, having an alarm and always knowing the time. However, with enough signal and power, we can complete almost any task on our phone from video calling to online shopping.

Why Do I Have Poor Mobile Phone Signal?

Poor mobile phone signals can be caused by a variety of different factors, including location and building type. Before deciding if an EE signal booster is the right choice for you, it is essential to understand the reasons behind your poor mobile signal.

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Bad signals are caused by the distance you are from a network tower, obstacles in the way of this mobile signal and construction materials used on the exterior of your building. Every mobile phone provider (EE, Vodafone, O2 etc.) have broadcasting towers that are used to broadcast cellular signals to their customers. The closer you are to your provider’s tower, the better signal you will have.

Obstacles such as mountains or tall buildings can also interfere with signal strength. If you are struggling to receive a good mobile signal in your home, office or even vehicle, a mobile phone signal booster such as an EE signal booster can help.

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What Is An EE Signal Booster?

You can use a mobile phone signal booster to improve a weak cellular signal. It works in any building, whether it is your home or office. It is a small, simple device that sits at your property and amplifies the mobile signal it receives. The main aim of an EE signal booster is to take the existing mobile phone signal and amplify it to provide a stronger and more reliable signal.

Many mobile phone signal boosters can improve the signal of all mobile phone providers in the UK, including EE and Vodafone. By amplifying the existing poor signal, a mobile phone signal booster can provide 4G or 3G internet coverage. This will depend on the EE signal booster you choose, as well as overall mobile phone signal for calls and texts.

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How Does A Mobile Phone Signal Booster Work?

A mobile phone signal booster comprises of an exterior antenna, interior antenna, a signal amplifier and cable to connect all of these together. The powerful exterior antenna needs a position on the roof of your building. This is, so it receives the existing poor mobile signal. This signal passes through the low loss cabling to the signal amplifier that you place inside the building.

The signal amplifier then boosts the existing mobile signal and gives it to the interior antenna which rebroadcasts the boosted signal within the property. You should place the internal antenna in the area that needs coverage. Particularly areas that currently suffer from a poor mobile signal. If you need to, you can sometimes have multiple interior antennas if there is an extensive area that suffers from bad mobile signal.

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Types Of EE Signal Booster

Mobile phone signal boosters are available in different levels and strengths. They can also vary slightly depending on the network you want to boost.

Entry Level Or Professional?

You can choose an entry-level booster that will cover a few metres. On the other hand, a professional system can cover a much larger area. These different mobile phone signal boosters differ because of how powerful the amplifier is. Another difference can be the quality of the components they comprise of.

Network Specific

An option for your mobile phone signal booster is to select one specific for your network, such as an EE signal booster. You’ll need at least one or two bars of signal outside the building; then a signal booster should work just fine.

Different mobile networks sometimes operate at different frequencies. Certain mobile phone signal boosters have a particular network in mind. EE signal boosters will use 1800MHz as this is what EE operates on. EE signal boosters are then available as either;

  • Home Essentials for a small home or office
  • Business Premium for multiple networks and larger coverage
  • Business Unlimited for high-speed 4G data and coverage for every UK network.

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