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What is the Difference Between GTX 1070 and 1080?

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In the world’s top graphics cards, the Nvidia’s GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 are some of the top ranked options. Well, both are built for heavy-duty use, and quite on the higher end in terms of price. And despite the fact that they come from the same brand, they have a fair share of similarities and differences.

If you are onto upgrading your card, then these two come in as some of the best GPU cards to think about. But understanding what the difference between GTX 1070 and 1080 is can be tricky. Stranded on which to go for? Well, read on to find out.

The Specs

In essence, these two cards are not that much different, but they have a fair share of disparities nevertheless. Both of them feature a similar Pascal architecture.

Thanks to the slimming down of its card design, smaller spaces can accommodate more transistors now. Then it deploys those on fins instead of using the horizontal planes, as was the case in previous designs.

Its new design has enabled Nvidia to squeeze-in millions more transistors than there were in previous GPUs.

And it all fits within significantly tiny silicon bits. Better yet, the design allows for a better electricity flow, giving the card better performance while taking on far less power.

But What are the Differences?

In essence, it becomes clear that these graphics cards are similar to an extent. So what is the difference between GTX 1070 and 1080? On the bottom line, they are built for different uses. The GTX 1080, for instance, is best suited for videos such as 4K, and VR. The other one, on its side, is not that great in 4K gaming as its cousin.

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Another disparity between the two is the bandwidth. The GTX 1070 has less of this as compared to the 1080. The former packs in a 256 bit-bus, while the latter has a 320-bit bus.

Number of CUDA Cores

On the Cuda cores, however, the 1070 draws closer to its cousin. In this aspect, 1070 has 1920 Cuda cores, but the 1080 comes with 2560 ones.

Clock Speed

For the clock speed, 1080 also takes the lead, with 1556 MHz, while 1070 comes in closely at 1442 MHz speed. Another slight difference between these two is the boost clock. GTX 1070 lags behind on this one, again, with 1683, as GTX 1080 stays ahead with 1733.

Thermal Power Design

The thermal power design (TPD) also differs between the two. On its side, the 1070 packs in 150W, while GTX 1080 comes with a higher score at 180W.

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What about Performance wise?

Here’s yet another aspect in which the two cards display a range of differences. Although GTX 1070 will get the job done with less-demanding 4K games, it might affect your other settings. Nevertheless, for the 1440p, it can prove efficient enough.

If you want a card that packs in the real punch, then GTX 1080 has something for you. It takes 4K games on a stride. So you can count on it if you are looking for high resolution but don’t want to sacrifice the frame rate. But you still need to make sure your setup is ideal, lest, the difference can be negligible.

To be precise, the 1080 is built to take on virtually all you have to throw at it. The 1070, on the other end packs in lesser punch, and might mean a little compromise on a few aspects. But both of these cards are on the higher end of GPUs and have what it takes to raise your gaming a notch higher

And now, onto the Price

With a virtually tangible difference in several aspects, you can expect the price to vary too. And as you can tell so far, the GTX 1080 is most likely to cost more than its GTX 1070 counterpart is.

Well, that guess holds true, as you will need to dig deeper into your pocket for this card. The higher performing 1080 will cost you around $550, which is worth, especially considering what it can do.

But if budget is not on your side, then you can settle for the GTX 1070. Still, be sure that you are not settling for less. Going for $400, this card still has what it takes to make it worth the cost. Above all, it offers an ideal option for gamers who don’t have deep enough pockets to go for the 1080.

What Card is Best for you?

That said and done, here comes the decisive moment. If you take on GPU-intensive tasks, then the GTX 1080 is definitely your best bet. But if you can do with a little compromise on the framerate, then you can try the GTX 1070. Apart from the performance, the cost is yet another determinant that sets the bar for buyers’ decision.

For those who don’t have enough funds to put on the line, the less costly GTX 1070 would still be an ideal pick. If you are willing to push further, then dig deeper into your pocket for the high-performance GTX 1080.

At the end of it all, what is the difference between GTX 1070 and 1080? Well, to put it into perspective, the main disparity between the two is all about the structure and performance. Despite sharing a lot in the architecture, these cards stand out with their diverse specs and what it delivers.

To make the right decision, you need to hinge on priority in your gaming. But affordability also comes in as a major determinant. So, go for the one that best fits your preference, but for a card that offers top-of-line bang, go for the GTX 1080.

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