8 Tech Features that Improve Car Safety

Tech Features that Improve Car Safety
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Car safety is so important for any vehicle owner. There are many technological safety features developed to keep cars safe in cases of accidents.

These features are great in alerting the drivers on what is going on around them. If you are in the market looking for a new car, you need to check out some of the strategies that have been developed to make the vehicle safer and better.

The following are top tech features that many manufacturers include in the cars to enhance your safety on the road.

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1. Automatic Parking

It becomes a little bit hectic when trying to squeeze in between cars trying to get a parking a lot in the parking area.

The auto park feature makes it so easy while parking the car, it really prevents unnecessary collisions.Auto park drivers will only need to control the brake system and also switch into reverse.

The hardest and crucial part of twisting and into the parking slot is taken care of by the auto park feature. The auto park system comes in different versions, for instance, the Toyota Prius has an Intelligent Parking Assist while the Lexus LS has a self-parking that park at both angle and parallel parks.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control

This is important in the regulation of speed. It uses a radar and detects the traffic patterns and will speed up and slow down accordingly.

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In many cases, the driver will set the parameters in speed and will also select the distance from the car at the front side. The adaptive cruise control comes with automatic breaks as well as a collision warning feature. The adaptive cruise control assists in the slow traffic system, long trips as well as jam-packed trips.

3. Blindspot Detection/Collision/side Assist

This feature is so important for it gives alerts of cars or even objects that are in your blind spot while you are parking or driving.

The feature works when a turn-on signal is switched. The feature basically detects any obstruction and will flash a light in your mirror or cause the seat or steering wheel to vibrate. It can also sound an alarm all this depends on your settings.

The feature of blind spot is important especially in pickup trucks and some can also have a footage to show what is in your area of a blind spot.

4. Backup Camera

Backup camera is a feature that truly saves lives, especially children. Many children die after been hit from the back by cars. The rearview cameras show all the footage of what is happening at the back, which is easily viewed from the screen of the dashboard.

The rearview camera not only protects children but also the animals from accidental backovers.

The rear view camera works under the navigation system and clearly shows what is happening at the back. The rearview camera is surely a life saver and should be in all new models of vehicles.

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5. Tire Pressure Monitoring

This is a feature that will alert you if the pressure of your vehicle is exhausted. The wheels have got sensors that will send a message if there is no pressure on your wheels, the sensors will send an audible warning or even show some flashlight to alert you.

The tire monitoring system is common in automatic vehicles it also helps a vehicle run at a rate of 50 plus miles. The feature is crucial in the prevention of unnecessary collisions or accidents that could have been avoided if the feature was installed for any type of vehicle.

6. Front Collision Prevention

To be able to detect or rather the ability to detect an impending collision with another vehicle or any other object on its way a car should have a forward collision prevention feature.  The feature allows the vehicle to automatically stop.

The feature is common and important especially in the highway speeds where a collision can be common occurring.

It is also referred to as the emergency brake assist where it recognizes when the driver is under panic and this system applies pressure to shorten the braking distance. It can also be accompanied by the cruise control to prevent possible collisions

7. Adaptive Headlights

Night vision is exhibited in two different ways, the thermal imaging or infrared light visions. Be it thermal imaging or infrared light all of them aim at having night visions.

The image is made visible if the naked eyes cannot see it. The adaptive headlights are able to view night objects for up to 100 feet away.

They clearly follow the direction of the vehicle and are also speed sensitive. The go bending the lights as the driver movers round the corners and shows clearly the road at night hence preventing any accidents that might be caused by the inability to see the road at night.

8. Lane Monitoring

This feature uses the markings on the road to detect if you are drifting away without making any signal. The feature will alert you of the drift and make a sound, flashlight or even vibration.

The lane monitoring feature is favourable mainly on the highways where the roads are marked as compared to suburban or country roads.

It, therefore, saves lives by prevention of accidents since the drivers will be alerted to stick to their own lanes. The feature makes them also avoid over speeding and hence avoid accidents that come up with over speeding of vehicles.

Final Words

All the above features are important in keeping the safety of your car and also your own safety at the forefront. The road safety features add some importance to the driving, though they can be a little expensive according to the vehicles.

Car covers are also important while improving the safety of cars. They prevent cars from getting damaged by particles that expose the car either dust, debris or even direct sunlight. The Toyota Tundra truck cover covered Toyota trucks and prevents it from the sun and dust particles this keeps the car safe and improves its safety too.

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