How Hookup Apps Like Tinder Have Changed Dating

How Hookup Apps Like Tinder Have Changed Dating
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Back when the internet first came out classified websites and dating websites appeared but they weren’t frequented by that many people. They didn’t have the power to change a whole culture. With the release of Tinder, hookup apps have started to change the whole dating scene. How do just a few apps have the ability to change the dating world? How have they changed it?

What Is Tinder?

Before we can understand how Tinder has changed the dating world, it helps to understand what it is. Tinder is an app that was released in 2012. The app was originally designed to help those who were looking for serious dating but it has evolved into a platform for searching for any kind of dating. That includes hookups.

Instead of seeing long profiles, users see pictures of users and can swipe up to see a small profile. Usually only a couple of words. From their, they vote yes or no on a person. Neither party knows who has swiped yes on them until both have swiped yes on each other. That means no messages until you know you are both interested in each other.

How Has The Dating World Changed?

The dating world has changed in a lot of ways since the release of Tinder but there is one change that is more important than the rest. Acceptance. For ages prior to Tinder’s release, people looked down negatively on those who led lives of hooking up with others. Those whose goal wasn’t to try and find a steady relationship.

Despite that negative feeling that was generated by society, many people, both men and women, loved the hookup scene. Tinder brought that to light.

Almost immediately after being released, Tinder started getting users like crazy, showing how much people wanted society to change. Society responded. Society started to accept those who wanted to live different dating lifestyles. In fact, society has becoming more accepting in a number of ways.

Tinder further changed the dating world by getting rid of the traditional dating site design of long profiles. No one liked these profiles as they didn’t know what to write and it made it hard to have a hookup when the other person knew everything about you from your profile. Tinder replaced long written profiles with a heavy focus on pictures.

Another side benefit of Tinder coming about, is that it has empowered many people to be more confident in dating. The hardest part for many when dating is communication. Tinder has made communication an important aspect of the app while giving confidence to users by only allowing those who are interested in each other to communicate.

In a lot of ways, Tinder has made dating easier and the reasons we have listed above are just the main reasons. Simplifying dating into a well designed app that works wherever you are is another way that it changed the world and made dating easier.

How Do Just A Few Apps Have The Power To Change The Dating World?

We have been seeing hookup dating apps like Hinge, TinSexApp, Badoo, Okcupid and more  change the world in all areas. Instagram changed the way people share photos, Snapchat changed the way people have discrete communication, and Uber has changed how people get rides. Each one of these is a prime example of how an app changed the world.

Tinder was able to do this because it introduced a game changing design and concept. A concept that made a lot of people happy. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that it would change the world. Consider how important it is to many people’s lives.

The fact that you also have easy access to a wide variety of people. You can use the app to find someone to hookup with, someone to see seriously, or someone to just be friends with. All sorts of people use Tinder and that makes it even more popular.

Tinder and the apps that came after it unlocked a whole new world of dating. The focus has changed from getting to know each other via written profile to starting to talk to each other. Tinder relies heavily on users communicating in order to develop a friendship or relationship. At the same time, Tinder does have its naysayers but there are far more people who appreciate it for what it is, a brilliant solution to the difficult problem of dating.

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