How to Choose a Domain Name

How to Choose a Best Domain
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Domain Name Sanity is much needed while choosing a domain name for your business or brand. A domain name symbolizes the unique address of your online business or blog. So, it is necessary to choose the right domain name for your business.

It is significant to choose that domain name which is recognizable, can be remembered easily and proudly represents the nature of your business.

A domain name is defined as the address of your website. Like any physical business example, a private company, shop, etc. which has its address details, a website requires having a distinctive address that acts as identification of the site.

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The domain name should be decided carefully and after doing proper research because it builds the online presence of your company.


A domain name is the exclusive address of your website on the internet. Any user can reach your website by simply entering that address of the site in the browser’s address bar or typing your site’s name in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Thus, Domain Name Sanity is significant while deciding the correct domain name for your site and with these few tips given below; you will be able to opt for the right domain name:

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  • SELECT A UNIQUE NAME: When you are deciding for a domain name for your website, try to choose a unique name for your brand. It is important to choose the domain name similar to the name of your company. But firstly check whether any business is using that name or not. Avoid using any domain name which seems to look alike some other business entity.
  • PICK UP FEW PHRASES TO CREATE A RIGHT DOMAIN NAME: For deciding on a domain name, you should pick up some terms and phrases that exactly describe the topic of your website. It is best to write those phrases and try to create a right domain name for your site which is matchless and easy to remember.
  • SIMPLE TO WRITE AND EASY TO REMEMBER: You should prefer for that domain name which can be easily remembered by you and the users searching for your website in the search bar.
  • .com, THE MOST PREFERRED EXTENSION: According to Domain Name Sanity, choose the domain name with the .com extension. The .com extension is the most preferred extension among online business entities. Around 75% people prefer .com extension domain name.
  • MAKE YOUR DOMAIN NAME BRANDABLE: Domain name decision is important as it provides exceptional identity to your online presence among the visitors and choosing the right domain name supports your business branding online as the domain name clearly states what your website is all about and makes it a trademark.
  • CHOOSE A SHORTER NAME: It is imperative to decide a shorter domain name for your site. You should choose a combination of at least two words as your domain name with the preferred extension. It will be best if you choose an attractive and memorable domain name.
  • AVOID VIOLATION OF ANYONE’S TRADEMARK: When you decide the domain name for your business website, just check whether that name is not used by any other business entity. If you choose a domain name much similar to another website, it will be not beneficial at all as it will hamper your online business.
  • DO NOT USE HYPHENS AND NUMBERS: If you choose the correct domain name for your website, it will speak for your business itself. You have to avoid using numbers and hyphens in your domain name as these two cause confusion. It is an important tip to strictly avoid the numbers and hyphens in your domain name.
  • VERIFY SOCIAL NETWORKS BEFORE REGISTERING YOUR DOMAIN NAME: After choosing the right, unique and attractive domain name for your website, it is crucial for you to check all other social networks for that domain. A person will choose a domain name that is readily available and is captivating to the users. Register your domain name after all necessary verification.
  • LOVE YOUR DOMAIN NAME: Once you decide the right domain name for your site, do not change it with time because of your website losing its identity. The selected domain name will work for your business for the upcoming years, so just love your chosen domain name.

Therefore, the Domain Name Sanity plays a much significant role in choosing the right and appropriate domain name for your website.

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By keeping in mind the above tips, you will be able to decide for an accurate domain name that will work for your online business and will attract more visitors towards your website and eventually those visitors will become your customers with time.

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