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Debounce – The most Accurate Bulk Email Verifier

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Growing as an online business requires consistent engagement with your subscribers. They must be updated about all the marketing steps you are taking which can be of their benefit. One of the best forms of online engagement is through E-Mail.

No matter how much one raves about how E-Mails might have lost their mojo to social media, it is quite obviously untrue as all the social platforms require E-Mail verification as a necessity.

However, when you have a mailing list as a business owner, it tends to accumulate a bunch of junk over time. This is why you need DeBounce as your email verifier.

DeBounce is a simple, fast and accurate E-Mail validation tool which scans for all kinds of redundancies including spam traps. Bouncing, catch-all domains, etc. It is very easy to use while its plans are also quite affordable. It is the ideal choice for every business looking to improve their sending score and online engagement in general.

What do you get with DeBounce Validation Tool?

Unlike any other validation tool out there, the primary motive of DeBounce is to provide its users with a high-quality scan followed by a crystal clear mailing list. However, what makes DeBounce so good is how detailed its scans are making sure that it is checking for redundancy from all corners of you mailing list. Here are a few key features that come with DeBounce:

  • Minimized Bouncing: Bouncing of E-Mails is one of the main causes of businesses losing out on their sending score. It typically means that your mail once it goes out from your end, instead of it going to the recipient comes straight back at you. This wastes both time and space. DeBounce makes sure that you don’t face bouncing on your mails.
  • MTA Validation: MTA Validation is a necessary validation process which all businesses must perform. It makes your list more genuine by filtering out unnecessary stuff. Basically, during this validation, DeBounce checks the Email Transfer Agent on whether it has a Valid MIX Record or not.
  • Email Deduplication: Deduplication goes a long way for businesses as these tend to create a ton of problems as they accumulate with increase in numbers of your mailing list. At times, your messages don’t get rightfully sent due to duplication while there are also times when they get sent twice. Both scenarios are annoying on both ends. But with DeBounce you can remove any such problems.

How to add DeBounce to my website/app?

Using DeBounce for scanning your mailing list is quite useful. However, you can also integrate the service to your website or application.

This makes sure that your E-Mail management system is always free of junk and your sending score is high. On top of that, DeBounce can be calibrated to various mainstream E-Mail related services.

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Here are 3 ways you can add DeBounce to your website or application:

1. WordPress Plugin:

WordPress is widely used by businesses all over the world. It is free, secure, and most importantly, very easy to use with most tasks done visually instead of actual coding albeit the service codes it on the background for you.

DeBounce on WordPress is very easy to add. All you need to do is go to your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins tab, search for “DeBounce” on the “Add New Plugin” option on the tab and it will then show you the plugin.

Now, simply download the plugin and login to your DeBounce account in order  to integrate and start using it on your WordPress website.

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2. JavaScript Widget:

While WordPress seems to be the preferred choice amongst businesses today, there are still plenty of users who like to manually build their websites purely due to being able to make more in-depth changes on their website.

To add DeBounce via JavaScript, you need to visit their official website, copy the JavaScript code in between the body tag of your code and the service shall be applied to your website. It is worth noting that the code requires a key for application which can be found in your DeBounce dashboard on login.

3. DeBounce API:

Mobile applications have been a global phenomenon recently. That is why many businesses have shifted to them for their online engagement.

DeBounce also provides an API for applications which can be integrated to the app through PHP or JavaScript. Similar to other APIs, DeBounce is applied to your code and an API key is required for it to work. They key can be found in your DeBounce dashboard.


DeBounce is a first class E-Mail validation tool which accurately scans for any redundancies on your mailing list. It also provides integration with your website and application in order to become your E-Mail management system. Its plans are also quite cheap with no loss in quality  in them no matter the size of the plan. Their customer support is also available 24/7.

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