Why you should consider carrying a Voice Recorder with you at all times

Why you should consider carrying a Voice Recorder with you
Why you should consider carrying a Voice Recorder with you
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Recording of events has been a critical interest among the human population whose elementary success can be traced back to the phonograph, invented in 1877 by the household name Thomas Edison.

Since then, the sound recording sphere has experienced tremendous transformations, successfully engineering the introduction of digital voice recorders. 

At some point, regardless of the activities, we pursue professionally or leisurely, we all need to record something. Consequently, unraveled below are reasons why you should have a voice recorder with you every time. 

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The best ideas do not always come when seated at our desks

How we generate ideas and solutions vary from person to person. It could be in the shower; while taking a walk outside and experiencing nature at its best; in the wee hours of the night while a majority of people are asleep; the circumstances are endless.

However, one common thing about the varying times all of us draw inspiration is that the spark hits at the most unexpected times.

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Having a voice recorder with you, therefore, plays instrumental in speaking out your concepts, especially in places where it is impractical to jot down something. 

A voice recorder could be your answer to navigating a foreign language you are learning

The best approach to learning a language is not only through reading and writing but also speaking it out. With a voice recorder at hand, you are better placed at polishing up your vocabulary and pronunciation.

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You can always capture your voice making the right pronunciation of ‘Guten Morgen’, ‘Bonjour’, ‘Zǎoshang hǎo’, or ‘Dobroye utro’; and playing back the recording to solidify your grasp of natively navigating words and sentences in the language you are learning.

If you have kids, you can recite them stories anywhere at any time in your voice

Deploying surveillance cameras at home or embracing small gadgets such as spy pens from your favorite Spy Centre are just some of the few ways that parents monitor the safety of kids while both at home and away.

However, atop the security and everything else that’s good for them, have you ever considered rousing their imaginations towards different subjects of interest regardless of whether you are at home, on the move with them, or away from them? 

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A quality voice recorder is one of those tools that you can implement for stimulating their imaginative faculties. Capturing stories that they can listen to on a voice recorder certainly brings to life whatever lessons you want to teach them.

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Playing back audios of lecturers, meetings, or interviews is a stepping stone to reinforce the concepts discussed at such forums

Finally, it is difficult to analyze or even write down everything one is saying correctly, may it be in lecturers, meetings, interviews, or in other forums where missing key snippets can easily compromise one’s desired outcome.

Using an audio recorder for taking notes of every uttered word not only gives you the time to delineate critical points later on in your free time, but it also actively takes heed of non-verbal cues when a speaker is presenting something.

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