How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone without Him Knowing

Track My Boyfriend's Phone without Him Knowing
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Is your boyfriend acting all suspicious? Are you curious about knowing what they are up to behind your back? In this article we show you how to track your boyfriend’s phone without them knowing. This will either give you peace of mind or confirm your suspicion.

So, you fell head over heels for your boyfriend and aver proudly that you’re the love of his life. And, he feels the same for you. It sounds great, right? However, one path that you shouldn’t take in this situation is to trust him blindly or having suspicions all the time.

Such a situation is not healthy for your relationship. It can make you be in misery all the time, which is not healthy for your state of mind. You may need to find a way to check his phone to get some clue about his activities. You can also track his location.

In case you’re wondering whether there is any solutions that will enable you track your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing, we are here to confirm that such solutions exists.

In fact, we’re going to show you 9 apps you can use to track your boyfriend’s phone and location to see what they are up to. You can view and read their messages and calls records as well as track their location. Some apps will even enable you record your boyfriend’s calls.

9 Apps to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone and Location without Him Knowing

1. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is essentially a parental control app, but can be used to do more than just keep an eye on children. You can use it to monitor what your boyfriend is doing on their phone. You can track their location and get a report of not just where they are at the moment, but also where they have been.

Available for Both Android and iOS, the app is hidden and will not be detectable. It is also very easy to install as you do not to root or jailbreak the device. Just pick the specific app for your device Android Here and iOS Here and you could use it to to track boyfriend’s phone without him knowing.

Aside location tracking, the App can also be used to monitor activities on your boyfriend’s phone. For example, you can monitor their activities on social apps including their calls and SMS. Even files and messages they have deleted can also be tracked and read by you.

The Android App can however track more messaging apps than the iOS App. It supports tracking and monitoring on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Facebook, Messenger, Line, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Viber, Kik, WeChat, QQ, Tinder, etc.

You can create Geofences that tells you when your boyfriend in within a region of town and alerts you when they leave the area. For example, you can set a geofence to tell you when your boyfriend is at home or in the club.

One unique feature of this App, specifically the Android version is that it not only provides information about call records it also comes with a feature that enables you record your cheating boyfriend’s calls.

2. mSpy

mSpy is a very good tracking app that once installed in your boyfriend’s phone will enable you monitor activities on their phone as well as tell you their location. This is one of the most effective ways to track your boyfriend’s phone without them knowing.

You can check whether they are where they said they where by simply comparing their location from the app. You can setup geofences to get alerts when they move into or outside the geofence like office, home, club, etc.

The location tracker does not only tell you where they are at the moment, but also where they have been.

You can see their text messages even the deleted text as well as their activities across multiple apps. You can see who they chatting and calling on their phone with the details of the chats as well as photos and videos they are sharing online.

mSpy even offers a keylogger that monitors every keystroke and tap as well as a screen recorder that can show you whats on their screen.

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3. EyeZy

EyeZy offers location tracking features that enables you track your boyfriend’s location once you install the app on their phone. The app will also be in stealth mode. The app empowers you to view their messages on different messaging apps and social apps and see their contacts.

You can also see the people they are calling and how often they call those people.

Available for both iOS and Android, this app is fully featured and does not require you jailbreaking the device. Learn More Here

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4. Localize

Localize is a unique web-based location tracking app that does not require you to even install anything on the mobile phone of your boyfriend. It can also work for all types of phones and on any mobile network.

So, how does it work?

To find your boyfriend’s location with Localize you will need their phone number. You use Localize to send them an anonymous text message. Localize will then send the message to their phone wherever they are with a tracking link embedded in it.

The catch is that your boyfriend would have to click on the link before you would be able to get their location. You can locate anybody in any country since the app has worldwide coverage. However, the tracked phone must be connected to the internet and have a SIM card installed for the service to work.

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5. Spyic:

Spyic online is our pick for various reasons and the first obvious is its 100% risk-free and discreet facility. While it’s in action for you, there is nothing that can trouble you. Millions of people across the world have already observed its power.

Check out the blogs and articles from the world’s leading media houses on how to track my boyfriend’s phone and you will find out Spyic’s mention in them. Such is its significance in remote monitoring spying the world.

Track My Boyfriend's Phone without Him Knowing

Here are some of its key features that are responsible to bring Spyic at first place in our and many others list:

No need to drag yourself into troubles to track your boyfriend’s phone:

If you’re taking up a traditional phone tracker way then you have to follow the path of jailbreak/rooting.

Trying your hands in these 2 activities means breaking up the seal of the targeted phone’s OS and putting it under various threats. A wrong step on this path can chuck you in the mud of never-ending troubles.

As Spyic offers you a jailbreak/rooting free assistance, those troubles will not bother you. Also, you don’t have to put your crucial information at risk while using it online as it doesn’t save data on the server.

It works so discreetly that your boyfriend will not be able to find out about your intentions. Thanks to its stealth mode and web-based interface that keeps its operations secret from beginning to end.

You’re not a tech-nerd then there is nothing to be worried about:

Spyic knows that not everyone can be good at technology. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to keep a tech-novice away from the wonders and power of technology. Spyic offers a very user-friendly interface. You don’t need any special skills and knowledge to operate it.

Spyic for iOS comes with a web-based interface that can run without any download/installation.

Spyic’s Android solution is a fantastically crafted solution that has a set-up process just like any other app. It sizes less than 3MB so that you don’t spend much of its installation.

Want to keep a tab on all the activities? Spyic will help you with this:

Spyic offers you around 35+ phone monitoring facilities. With its help, you can find out with whom your boyfriend is texting/chatting/sharing media/talking over the phone.

Also, some secret information like his live phone location, social media account details, and web-browsing history can also be tracked down.

Reliable data at affordable cost:

Spyic will help you fetch real-time data on all these activities. Every data comes with a timestamp. The data is so accurate that no one can deny it. What amuses us more is its affordable cost. For $10 per month, you can avail all these facilities.

6. Spyier

For all those girlfriends who fear to try something as risky as jailbreak/rooting to track their boyfriends’ phones, Spyier is nothing less than a boon. It’s filled with every futuristic feature that you may ever require.

Its dashboard is a state-of-art tool. You don’t have to make your mind horse race super-fast to fetch data from it. Everything will be mentioned in a crystal-clear manner. If your problem is how to track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing then this is a good app to consider.

Spyier: Track your Boyfriend's Phone Without him Knowing

7. Minspy

Want to have eternal peace of mind by finding what your boyfriend is doing on his phone?

Start using Minspy. Minspy has changed the face of remote phone tracking. Without forcing you to take-up risk jobs like jailbreak/rooting, it helps you get detailed tracking ability.

If you found something fishy about your boyfriend then don’t get afraid. Confront him with full confidence as the data rendered by Minspy is 100% accurate and real-time. There are no glitches.

Minspy: Track My Boyfriend's Phone Without him Knowing

8. Spyine

Leaving all the cheap online phone tracking solutions way behind, Spyine has offered the world a dependable way to find out all your boyfriend’s secrets. Its web-based interface and stealth mode will never let anyone know about your mission.

As long as Spyine is by your side, there is nothing to be worried about as it has an impeccable ability to keep eyes on 35+ phone activities at once.

Starting from call history to SIM information, everything can be unveiled. Probably is what made millions across the world to trust in it.

Spyine: Track My Boyfriend's Phone Without him Knowing

9. Neatspy

Speaking of reliability, Neatspy deserves a mention. It doesn’t let your technical incompetency and low budget get into your way. It offers you unconditional assistance. Even the type of targeted device can’t be a hindrance.

The users of Neatspy are lucky ones as they get real-time data on around 35+ phone activities. If you’re using it to track your boyfriend’s phone activities then you must know that your boyfriend won’t be able to keep any secrets.

Final words:

In the world of abundance and opportunities, your boyfriend may find it hard to resist cheating or exploring cyber-dating. But, if you learn the art of tracking his phone activities, there is no need to have sleepless nights.

Remote phone trackers like Spyic and mSpy have got your back by all means. Without letting the cost and incompetence as a hindrance, it assists you throughout. Along with KidsGuard Pro, the rest eight options are equally considered worthy.

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