What is SEO Audit? Checklist to Perform an SEO Audit for 2021

SEO Audit
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An SEO audit is important in today’s digital world as it tells everything about your website, including whatever you’re doing good and what all you can do for improving further.

This is the reason why it is important to perform an SEO site audit regularly.

In this article, we would be talking in detail about the SEO audit. We have also included a detailed SEO checklist that you need for performing a comprehensive audit in 2021.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit can be understood as a review of the SEO campaign as well as its strategies. This assessment helps you in identifying the things that you are doing well while helping you uncover the possible areas of improvement.

The main goal of an SEO audit is the identification of the weak points in the SEO campaign. An SEO audit helps one in identifying the weak points in the campaign and how they hurt the performance of a website.

While conducting an SEO audit, one receives a detailed list of actionable items that one can fix on the website. This is a great way for improving the performance of the website as well as driving better results for the SEO campaign.

It is also important to know when an SEO audit needs to be conducted. One can audit the campaigns while launching them as this ensures that they’re successful. Additionally, you can also consider auditing SEO quarterly.

If case you avail of the services of a digital marketing agency, the SEO plan may already have monthly optimization and reporting system. Make sure you give time to the SEO to show results. Auditing every quarter can be a good idea as it helps in monitoring changes or issues in the campaign.

Checklist for Performing SEO Audit in 2021

It is crucial to know about the important SEO audit factors that can impact your campaign. These can be seen through the below points:

1. Build Internal and External Links

Link building is one of the important ways of accumulating the authority of a website. An SEO audit is never complete without having suitable recommendations for building internal and external links.

  • Internal Link Building: An internal link should pass the link equity in the web pages of a website and are thus important for forming an authoritative hierarchy within the site. There is a straight way of building internal links that help in saving time. You can do this by creating new content, searching websites for the old ones, and subsequently building up equity. You can also search for anchor text in the website itself for linking the old and new content directly.
  • External Link Building: The domain authority of a website can be increased by getting links from several authoritative domains. It can also be done by searching for a detailed list of resources that you can feature in the content and further link them.

2. Architecture Improvements

The architecture information can be understood as the information that is structured or in order. While talking about website SEO audit, architectural improvements refer to redistribution of a website’s internal linking structures as well as passing the equity to the web page that needs it.

It can also mean that one may have to work with developers and designers for making user-friendly solutions. This process will help in enhancing page authority without compromising on the user experience.

3. Remove Duplicate Content

Google easily knows whether you have duplicate content on the website or not. Thus, it would be a good idea to keep a check and see whether there is any duplicate content on the website. Make sure to correct it whenever and wherever required.

4. Target Keywords

There are certain areas of a website where one cannot fully optimize the target and ancillary keywords. Depending on whether it is a blog or a business website, the target keywords may also vary. The target keywords help in increasing traffic to the website.

You need to find out the right keywords and optimize the website with these target keywords. This forms an important step in the whole SEO audit process. Also, make sure that all your web pages are optimized for target keywords. This would ensure that the web pages appear in organic search results.

5. Meta Tags

Meta tags are made up of meta title as well as a meta description. These help Google to determine whether the website content is crawling or not.

It can turn out to be a big factor while ranking in SERPs. Meta tags help a user in having a look at the search results without even needing to open the website.

6. Update Web Pages

Even a minute change to a website can give a signal to Google that the website should be crawled. Updating a website regularly keeps the content fresh and makes it relevant for the search engines.

Thus, it becomes important to update not only the top page but also to keep updating the ‘opportunity pages.’ Opportunity pages are the ones that gain importance after the website moves higher in the SERP.

7. Page Speed

The speed of loading of a web page also plays a crucial role in ranking the website higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Thus, it is an important factor to consider while conducting the SEO audit of a website. The higher the page load speed of the website, the higher would be its chances of ranking higher in search engines, especially when it comes to organic searches.

One can make use of an effective tool for keeping track of the page load speed of a website. One of the effective tools is PageSpeed Insights. This gives a detailed insight into the speed of one or more webpages. It also gives suggestions on how to improve the page load speed of a website.


SEO audit is important for optimizing the website and improving its ranking in organic search results. The above SEO audit guide would help you in undertaking an SEO audit effectively.

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