Legal Tech: Redefining Consumer Protection after an Accident

Consumer Protection after an Accident

The probability of being involved in a traffic accident at some point in your life is high. This may occur as a result of the recklessness of other drivers. Filing a personal injury suit against such drivers can help you get compensation for the losses incurred. Hiring a car accident attorney is vital in such a scenario. 

Ladah Law Firm has experienced attorneys to handle cases linked to car wrecks around Vegas. The assertion of one’s compensation for pain and suffering is often complex, time-consuming, and intransparent for the injured party. How much compensation am I entitled to?

Do I really have to sign the insurance forms? Is the compensation paid appropriate? Technology has simplified how such cases are handled. Every involved in such cases can benefit, thanks to legal tech. 

What Is Legal Tech?

Legal Tech refers to the combination of legal expertise with information technology instruments. In particular, complex and tedious processes are to be made easier and simplified for the consumer.

With mostly a few clicks, he can report his case, upload information to the encrypted online file with his mobile phone, and track the processing of his case 24/7. 

This should make access to law easier and faster. However, it becomes fascinating when the case report and the relationship between client and legal service provider are improved. The processing of the content and thus the result can be enhanced by software. For example, tools like a pain and suffering calculator can be used, and pain and suffering claims can be justified. 

How Are Consumers Protected With Legal Tech?

The easier it is for consumers to fall back on legal know-how, the stronger their position becomes in a dispute with the other party involved in the accident.

In particular, if an insurance company is on the opposing side, consumers can be easily intimidated or wrongly assume that the insurance company will objectively regulate their own damage. Some of the available technologies can communicate with insurance companies on an equal footing to achieve an optimal result for the consumer. 

The Benefits of Legal Tech for Consumers

Legal tech is quite different from the conventional process of handling cases and can be beneficial in the following ways. 

  • Thanks to the complete digital processing of the case, the consumer does not have to worry about whether he has to describe the issue personally or bring documents. The consumer does not even need a printer, as documents can be digitally signed using an Intouch field. Instead of a scanner, everything can easily be loaded into your own file using the photo function of the online file. No matter how high the claim may be, the consumer does not have to waste a vacation day to go to a law firm.
  • Thanks to the increase in efficiency thanks to digital tools developed in-house, some legal tech tools can also enforce small consumer claims with the necessary support. While smaller amounts of compensation for pain and suffering tend to be neglected when processing in a law firm, every claim is enforced as well as possible. The consumer does not have to fear that his case will end up being processed rather half-heartedly or that the legal service provider is even annoying.
  • The enforcement of a claim must not be made more difficult because the consumer has no legal knowledge. The balance between the superior insurer and the completely inexperienced consumer is one of the central core values ​​when using specific legal tech tools. Law is only law if everyone can effectively enforce it.

As a consumer, whether a lawyer, accused, or complainant, you should look for the right legal tech tools that will offer quality service.

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