3 Top Tips to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

Gil Final Fantasy XIV
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Gil can be earned through a variety of methods in Final Fantasy XIV. Some methods take a lot of time but are sure to succeed. The other methods make Gil by spending Gil.

FFXIV Gil can be made in three different ways. As I progressed through the game, I gained Gil using these methods.

This guide has been updated.

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1. Trade Skills

Due to their sheer number, disciples of the Land and Hand take a long time to level up. In many cases, you need multiple disciples to make some of the higher-end items.

  • At the same time, level them all up and do not focus on one while ignoring the others. Instead, switch between classes as sometimes one class will make an item used by another. It’s most efficient and cost-effective. To level them easily, do levequests.
  • Maintain a high level of Disciples of the Hand. It will make leveling Disciples of the Hand easier for you. It won’t matter in the end since they’ll all reach the maximum level.
  • Buy materials without fear. The last material you need can sometimes be more cost-effective than searching for it.
  • Everything should be doubled. Are you building your gear? You can have one and sell the other though it takes more effort, it’s a great way to earn money.
  • Stay up to date. Each major patch adds new gear, housing items, and craftables. Make something new if you can make it and sell it. You can also expect some items to crash due to everyone else doing the same.

2. Treasure Maps

When you develop your Disciples of the Land classes, you will obtain treasure maps. A treasure map is obtained roughly every 16 hours. Treasures have Gil, housing decorations, crafting materials, gear, and more.

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  • Get a treasure map every day. You should still log in even if you have only a few minutes to spare. Retainers and the Chocobo saddlebag can be used to store them.
  • Make the eight-player treasure maps. Keep them if you dig them up and can do them with others. Treasure maps with eight players can be very rewarding, as they can open a portal to a special area with even more treasure, but they must be shared with your team.
  • Unhidden Leather Maps for sale. Could you not do them? They are rarely worth it. However, they sell for a portion, so they are completely worth selling on the market board.
  • On the market board, make all treasure maps favorites. Purchase treasure maps to complete them. Low-level items are sometimes sold for nothing, and they almost always make a profit. You can check prices and purchase maps if you’re in the mood for them. Even server hop to see if there are better prices on other worlds.

3. Gardening

You can make more of Gil from gardening. Once you establish a pattern, it is easy to maintain and provides a stable income, rarely fluctuating.

  • Property ownership is preferred. Housing plots will make you the most money. The larger the housing plot, the better, since larger plots can be used for more gardens.
  • Crossbreed in the outdoor garden. Crossbreeding is the most profitable method, as it produces the rarest of seeds. If you want to make money, crossbreeding is best. It can only be done with plots in the outdoor area of a house.
  • Indoor pots can be used to grow crossbred seeds. I usually grow Thavnairian onions. They typically grow in 10 days. Instead of putting them in outdoor pots, they grow in indoor pots since they are standalone pots that can’t crossbreed.
  • You will need to buy the basic materials. The seeds I need for crossbreeding, as well as the soil, I buy. I gather neither. It’s easier to do and allows me to focus on crossbreeding and nothing else.

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