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CCTV Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best CCTV Camera

Over the years, CCTV systems have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Security concerns have risen globally and therefore, virtually everyone is having CCTV cameras installed in their houses and offices along with other security measures.

With the development of CCTV technology, there is now a huge range of CCTV cameras available with a diverse array of features. So, make sure you assess your security needs and do your research before you decide on what type of system you want to install.

Here are the most important factors to consider when deciding what CCTV cameras to buy.


Make sure that you ask the supplier whether they will offer support once you’ve installed the CCTV. The advanced features offered by modern CCTV systems can be difficult to navigate.

For example, gaining remote access on your devices will mean configuring your router in a certain way. Additionally, security is a time-critical area, so you want to make sure you’ll be able to ask support in a timely manner. Therefore, support is an important factor when choosing a CCTV camera.

Image Quality

The best CCTV cameras produce videos in 1080p or at least 720p resolution. The better the resolution, the better the quality of the footage you’ll get.

However, higher resolution will also mean you need more internal storage to accommodate videos in high resolution – so you’ll need to balance these factors.

Set a Budget

Price is another important factor to consider when choosing CCTV cameras, but make sure that you don’t make your purchase decision based on this alone.

It’s important to balance budget with quality and features. After all, a good CCTV system will be a one-time investment, so it’s worth paying a little more for a quality system.

Camera Features

When it comes to choosing the right CCTV camera for your house or office, you should carefully examine the features it has.

Features to look out for include:

  • Continuous or motion record
  • Storage capacity of DVR
  • Privacy masking
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Remote accessibility
  • Internet protocol
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom

Type of Camera

There are many different types of CCTV cameras, the main types being:

  • Dome
  • Bullet
  • Covert
  • PTZ

Do a bit of research into each to see which suits you best.


You will need a monitor to set up and facilitate the whole process of CCTV system installation. For this purpose, you will need a computer or TV monitor that is able to support the desired resolution.

Therefore, you should consider the resolution available on your device to make sure it matches the resolution demanded by the CCTV camera you choose.


What is a Security Risk Assessment?

A security risk assessment allows you and your supplier to fully understand your security needs and requirements. It enables you to identify the gaps between your current security system and the security measures you need to take. It will assess the security of your site, personal protection, and assets or valuables present.

Can I Install my own CCTV Cables?

If you’re not an expert on installing CCTV cables, then it is always prudent to hire a professional. Installing CCTV cables cameras is no easy task, and you need an expert to do it properly. Otherwise, you risk ruining your investment and compromising your investment.

Will I need to Upgrade my lighting?

The image quality of CCTVs is closely linked to lighting conditions. So, it’s important to consider the lighting of the area you want to monitor, or also invest in installing appropriate lighting in the area before you go on setting up your CCTV cameras.

There are also infra-red cameras that can capture images and videos in the dark, but have a limited range.

What are IP CCTVs?

IP CCTVs are the latest kinds of CCTV cameras that employ high-resolution cameras which are networked with digital technology. These cameras use network video recording to store pictures on a high-capacity online system that is more efficient, smart, and reliable.

How much does a CCTV System Cost?

The price to buy a CCTV camera system ranges from £100 to around £6,000. This essentially depends on the features and what are trying to achieve. Buyers usually put more emphasis on quality of CCTVs than the cost.

However, it’s also important to factor in all the associated service costs, such as software installation, maintenance, support, and set up.

What is Security System Integration?

This is a complete integration system that allows you to link the outputs of all CCTVs and control systems at a central monitoring station. This could either be external emergency services or an internal security station.

It usually comprises of:

  • Alarm systems
  • Access controls
  • Gate and barrier PA systems
  • Sound monitoring
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Do your research before you invest in any kind of CCTV or any other security system. After all, keeping your home and property safe is critically important!

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