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How to Become a Kubernetes Administrator in 2024

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Kubernetes are quickly becoming the de facto standard for deploying containerized applications. This means demand for Kubernetes administrators is on the increase. Here we share how to Become a Kubernetes Administrator.

Kubernetes is a powerful tool for automating container deployment, scaling, and management. But it isn’t easy to get started with Kubernetes.

In order to be successful, you need to be comfortable working with Linux and docker. You also need to know how to set up a Kubernetes cluster and how to build, deploy, and manage applications on top of Kubernetes.

As a result, many organizations are turning to Kubernetes administrators as a way to bridge the gap between the technology and the people who use it every day. These individuals have deep knowledge of both infrastructure and application development, so they’re well-poised to take full advantage of Kubernetes.

What is a Kubernetes Administrator?

Kubernetes is an IT platform for managing systems and services. As a Kubernetes administrator, you design and implement solutions to help with a cluster in the system, configure hardware, peripherals, and services, manage storage and settings, deploy cloud-native applications, and monitor and support the Kubernetes environment.

Some other duties you do as a Kubernetes administrator are researching automation, troubleshooting issues when reported, and mentoring the junior team below you.

There is also a collaboration with other team members to ensure the systems work properly, instead of relying on one person to fix all the issues.

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How do I become a Kubernetes Administrator?

One of the most essential skills in becoming a Kubernetes administrator is being very efficient and understanding of programs like Linux, Windows, or Unix system administration. You also need skills and experience with orchestration platforms like those from SUSE.

You should know about SQL databases and basic coding skills with Java, JavaScript, and PHP. Earning a Bachelor’s degree in computer science is your best chance at being successful. You can also take a certification exam to become a Certified Kubernetes Administrator to enhance your possibilities.

What are the Kubernetes Certifications?

There are two Kubernetes certifications you can take. The certifications are Certified Kubernetes Administrator and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer. People taking these certifications can only gain the certification once passing them.

All the questions are practical, no multiple choice, and must show a candidate’s understanding of the Kubernetes topics.

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Certified Kubernetes Administrator

The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam asks about configuring Kubernetes clusters and tests you on the core concepts of the system. You have three hours to take the exam. You’ll need a 74 percent at the very least to earn the certification.

The exam will test your knowledge of multiple subjects and concepts, including application management, networking, scheduling, security, storage, and troubleshooting. Candidates should also be proficient in:

  • Installation, configuration, and validation
  • Kubernetes core concepts
  • Cluster maintenance
  • Logging/monitoring

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

The Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) test mainly covers configuring applications running on the Kubernetes cluster and understanding core concepts. This exam is only two hours, and you’ll need a 66 percent or higher to pass it.

This exam includes some of the same topics as the Administrator exam, such as core concepts. It also asks about configuration, working with multi-container pods, observability, pod design, and state persistence.

Benefits of a Kubernetes Certification

Although earning the certifications is a lot of work, it is worth it in the end. Engineers with Kubernetes certifications receive plenty of benefits from having this under their belts. Here are some of the benefits you can receive when getting the certifications:

Stand out from others

Having a Kubernetes certification on your resume is impressive. More and more companies are relying on Kubernetes expertise, so they will want to hire you based on that certification.

Get a pay increase

With unique skills and extra certifications, you can argue for higher pay. Since large companies like Cisco and Google are using Kubernetes, you can apply for jobs with better-paying companies.

Achieve Personal Growth

Adding another skill to your toolbelt is satisfying, and if you work through something as difficult as the Kubernetes exam, you should feel proud of your accomplishment.

Become a Kubernetes Expert

After you finally pass the exam, you will have all the knowledge and understanding of the platform to truly succeed in Kubernetes. This platform system will become second nature and put you ahead of the pack.

If you work as a freelance web developer or for an IT outsourcing company, you may be able to negotiate higher rates or find more opportunities with a specialized certification like this one.

Diversify and Expand your Knowledge

Now in addition to your previous knowledge of computer science, you understand programming more efficiently. The Kubernetes certification gives you a unique skill set that you can easily market to employers.

Preparing for the Kubernetes Certification Exams

As this is a hard exam, any preparation is beneficial. You should study at least three hours per day for the best retention rates.

Here are a few things you can do to study for the exams:

  • Get familiar with the Kubernetes system and clusters
  • Watch webinar series on concepts that on both exams
  • Practice any concept that you are unsure of, and get as hands-on as you can.
  • Try installing a cluster from scratch

Final Thoughts

A Kubernetes certification can give you a boost in the world of IT. With a specialized skill like this one, you’ll be able to market yourself to more employers and gain more experience in different areas. And once you’ve got Kubernetes down, who knows what you’ll be able to go after next?

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