Is the Mind Palace an Artistic Invention?

Is the Mind Palace an Artistic Invention
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Many have heard of the famous Mind Halls of famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Many today perceive such phenomenal abilities as purely artistic fiction, but some know for sure that incredible results can be achieved thanks to the mind palace. Two-time memorization champion Jonas von Essen is a real confirmation of this.

What Is A Mind Palace?

It is worth saying that this way of memorizing information has several names: mind palace, memory palace, method of Loci, mind halls, and others.

It is essentially a mnemonic device within a person’s creation, where they store information. For the first time, this technique began to be used in antiquity, when philosophers needed to memorize massive treatises or texts of speeches.

This method was then actively used for structuring memory. Gradually, this technique was lost, and people started talking about it relatively recently.

The meaning of this technique is that you imagine in your creation a large building where you will interfere with the data you need. In the future, you can come here and get the data you need and throw out all the unnecessary information. Thus, you learn to structure your memory and get rid of the data you don’t need (just like Sherlock didn’t know the earth was round).

Now, most people who participate in memorization competitions use the mind palace. It allows them to achieve an impossible result and become famous worldwide. So for example, two-time memorization champion Jonas von Essen previously had problems with memorization, but he set himself the goal of changing this and achieved excellent results. He tried many techniques based on them and created his own, which had the best effect.

How To Master The Mind Palace?

Don’t think that owning a mind palace is a simple process. No, it usually takes time and effort, but the result pleasantly surprises you.

To get started, you need:

  • Imagine a building that is very familiar to you (it is not necessary to imagine a large castle immediately, it can be a small house where you grew up or live now);
  • Choose the information you want to remember (it should be something simple to start with);
  • Close your eyes and imagine the building you have chosen;
  • Put the information on the nightstand in the hallway or any other place;
  • Later, when you return here in your mind, you will be able to get the necessary data.

You should not expect your attempt to be successful the first time, but after a few days, you will be able to achieve the desired result.

To speed up the process of building a mind palace, you need to work on improving your memory and imagination. The most reliable way to do this is to use the memoryOS mobile app. It was created based on a technique developed by Jonas von Essen.

This mobile application has several advantages:

  • Lots of 3D models;
  • Simple but effective workouts;
  • Excellent graphics;
  • Takes into account starting memory indicators before the start of training;
  • Joyful learning and much more.

Before you start training, the system will prompt you to take a short test to understand your memory level. The application will offer you an individual training system based on the data received.

Training takes only 20-30 minutes daily, and the result becomes noticeable after a few weeks. The main thing is not to skip workouts. Research shows that this is highly effective for all reentry groups, but results are best for people between 18 and 25 years of age (which is understandable given the age characteristics).

Changing your diet and lifestyle makes sense to achieve the fastest results. Try to sleep more than 8 hours a night, avoid stress, spend more time outdoors and exercise. Eliminate alcohol from your diet and add more brain-healthy foods (dark chocolate, coffee, redfish, turmeric, and more).

It will clear the mind and make the brain work more intensively without harm to health. After a short period, you will be able to feel much better, and the quality of your memory will also pleasantly surprise you.

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