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The past decade has seen the Internet become a place fraught with pitfalls for users. As many of us are now aware, the proliferation of cybercrime and malware has meant that our security is more at risk than ever. However, while this is ostensibly the biggest threat to your online experience, the truth is that there are other parties who can impact it in far more insidious ways.

Whether you know it or not, your internet service provider, or ISP, actually plays a major role in your online experiences. These organizations monitor user traffic closely, strictly regulating bandwidth and implementing policies to block you from accessing certain websites.

With ISPs tracking your activities and limiting your access to online content, it makes sense that you should seek a way to restore your privacy and safeguard your digital freedom. Thankfully, it is possible to achieve this with a VPN extension.

What is a VPN Extension?

A virtual private network, or VPN, is an application that works to provide an extra layer of security and privacy to your internet connection. VPNs allow you to be online without interference from third parties who might track your activities or seek access to your private data.

A VPN extension is a type of add-on that you can install to integrate with your current web browser, adding extra functionality. VPN extensions are a convenient alternative option for those who don’t want to download and install a full desktop client.

Rather than securing all internet traffic from your device, VPN extensions secure your browser traffic exclusively and provide users with a lightweight, user-friendly VPN solution.

How does a VPN Extension help to Bypass Website Blocks?

Internet users the world over regularly experience site blocks when using their web browsers. This is down to internet censorship, which is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Governments are continually introducing laws that ban specific sites, and ISPs enforce these changes through IP blocking, making them inaccessible to local users. Moreover, ISPs can elect to block websites themselves based on their own policies.

In many cases, websites are made inaccessible through geo-blocking. Since your IP address is visible when you use your browser, your geographical location can be deduced and used to preclude you from accessing sites and even social media content. This can be frustrating, but with a VPN extension, you will be able to bypass these kinds of blocks with ease.

As with a full VPN client, a VPN extension enables you to send all of your browser’s traffic through a server in another location using a secure tunnel. In doing so, it will mask your IP, allowing you to appear as a normal internet user. This means that when you encounter a blocked website, you can simply adjust your server location in order to circumvent it.

In this way, a VPN extension gives you the anonymity you need to browse the internet with complete freedom.

Added benefits of a VPN Extension

Aside from helping you to bypass geo-based website blocks, VPN extensions also benefit your online experience in a variety of other ways, including the following:

Improved Data Security

When you use a VPN extension, you get the added benefit of end-to-end encryption. This makes your data indecipherable to third parties, giving you an extra layer of protection while you browse the web. This is particularly valuable if you travel often and frequently use your browser over public networks.

Increase Bandwidth

When ISPs monitor your traffic, they are likely to employ bandwidth throttling in response to certain types of activities. This can make activities like TV streaming unenjoyable and frustrating. However, with a VPN, your activities are hidden from your ISP. That means more bandwidth, higher speeds, and a better all-around experience for you.

Malware Protection and Ad Blocking

Another benefit of VPN extensions is that they can offer added features. Two of the most popular are anti-malware and ad block functions. Adding these to your VPN extension can cut out irritating advertisements and help to protect you against potentially damaging software, thereby preserving the quality of your user experience.


The Internet can be a difficult place for modern users to operate in. This is in large part due to the continuing trend towards censorship and as it is becoming increasingly common for web content to be blocked for economic or geopolitical reasons.

With digital borders being enforced more stringently than ever before, you need to adaptable in order to retain your full freedom online. A VPN extension is the way to do this, and fortunately, there are plentiful options available on the market for you to avail of.

Installing a VPN extension on your web browser will enable you to bypass blocks and access any website in a safe, secure, and anonymous way.

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