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Is the LoL High Noon 2024 Pass Worth Buying?

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Every couple of months, Riot Games releases special event passes for League of Legends. One of the most popular is the High Noon Pass. This is a limited-time event where you progress through the pass by completing missions and earning rewards.

The High Noon 2024 Pass is already live, and many players are wondering if it’s worth getting. We’ll give you a preview of the Pass pricing and the free rewards you can earn without spending any RP. By the end, you’ll know if this Pass is worth adding to your collection.

LoL High Noon 2024 Pass Pricing

The League of Legends, LoL High Noon 2024 Pass Pricing

As usual, the High Noon 2024 Pass comes with three different tiers for players to choose from:

  1. The Normal High Noon 2024 Pass This is the basic version of the Pass. By purchasing it for 1650 RP, you can progress through the Pass infinitely and earn many rewards along the way.
  2. The High Noon 2024 Pass Bundle For 2650 RP, you’ll get the Pass itself, plus the new High Noon Evelynn skin, a border icon, and the Evelynn champion if you don’t already own her.
  3. The High Noon 2024 Pass Premium Bundle This premium tier costs 3650 RP. In addition to the Pass, High Noon Evelynn skin, border icon, and champion, you’ll also receive the exclusive “You’re a Doll” Evelynn emote and the High Noon Evelynn (Vendetta) chroma skin.

No matter which tier you choose, the High Noon 2024 Pass will allow you to earn tokens by playing games. These tokens can then be spent on exclusive loot like emotes, chromas, and more. The higher Pass tiers simply give you some bonus content right from the start.

LoL High Noon 2024 Rewards

The League of Legends, LoL High Noon 2024 Pass Rewards

Even if you haven’t purchased the High Noon 2024 Pass, Riot will still reward you for completing missions and progressing through the free track of the Pass. At specific milestones, there will be free items waiting for you:

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  • Level 2: 60 Event Tokens
  • Level 6: High Noon 2024 Icon
  • Level 10: 60 Event Tokens
  • Level 12: Key
  • Level 16: Random Ward Skin
  • Level 20: 60 Event Tokens
  • Level 22: Orb
  • Level 30: Eternals Capsule & 60 Event Tokens
  • Level 40: 60 Event Tokens

However, if you do purchase the High Noon 2024 Pass, the rewards get even better! By grinding games, you can earn thousands of tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase the exclusive Prestige High Noon Evelynn skin.

But that’s not all – Pass owners will also earn XP boosts, Orange Essence, emotes, event capsules, and more just by playing. The higher you progress through the paid Pass tracks, the more great loot you’ll unlock.

So while there are some decent free rewards, buying the Pass really lets you go all-in on collecting unique High Noon 2024 content that won’t be available forever.


The High Noon 2024 Pass offers a ton of exclusive rewards for League of Legends players. From emotes and chromas to the ultra-rare Prestige High Noon Evelynn skin, there’s a lot to collect this time around.

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If you’re a more casual player just looking to earn some free loot, the free pass track provides a nice selection of tokens, an icon, a key, and other goodies. However, the paid Pass tiers are really where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Overall, the High Noon 2024 Pass is an enticing offer, especially for Evelynn mains or anyone looking to build up their emote/chroma collection. Just be prepared to grind if you want to max out those token earnings for the Prestige skin and other rewards.

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