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What is PoE? (Power over Ethernet)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a network feature defined by the IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at standards. PoE switch is used to power networked devices with Ethernet cables via the existing data connection. PoE-compatible devices can be used as Power SOURCES (PSE = Power Sourcing Equipment), Powered Devices (PD = Powered...

Emerging Technologies in AI, IOT and Blockchain

Technology advancement is a topic that cannot be exhaustively discussed because when we think a man has gotten to an unbelievable and remarkable height, the standard gets broken again without something more sophisticated. we would love to look a little into the future and predict what man will do...
digital learning

Experts Views on How Digital Learning will aid Education and Employment System

Technology has change the way we acquire education degrees. According to our research and online interviews, experts believe that many employers pay more attention to skills without college degrees than those with college degrees but this is most likely applicable to those in the technology field. Here are what experts...
crypto analysis

Experts Analysis on Cryptocurrency – 2019

We don't want to believe in speculations that's why we interviewed crypto experts to tell us what they think will happen to cryptocurrency in this 2019. As we know the crypto price in this past 10 months hasn't been all good. Here are experts analysis of what will happen to...
what is Ethereum

What is Ethereum? Beginners Guide

OUTLINE What is Ethereum? Understanding what Ethereum is for beginners. Who is the inventor and what inspired him to create ethereum. The technology behind Ethereum. What ethereum is used for and how does it work? What are the benefits of Ethereum decentralized Platform? What’s the drawback of decentralized applications? ...
Cryptocurrency CFD Trading

Investing In Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency CFDs

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is designed to work as a medium of exchange. It makes use of computer cryptography to secure and confirm transactions as well as to have control over the distribution of new units of that particular cryptocurrency. Essentially, these digital currencies are...

Top 2 Blockchain underlying Technology

The blockchain is a transparent and distributed ledger that uses various forms of cryptography to digitally sign blocks of data to ensure the integrity of the data and remove third-party intermediary. Today, we will focus on the two main technologies in a typical blockchain implementation; distributed ledger and cryptography. The different implementation...

What is Blockchain? Step-by-Step Guide

OUTLINE What is blockchain? How does it work? Why you should know about blockchain? What Blockchain technology Is Used For? How can it be used in the wider enterprise? The most prominent advantages/value of Blockchain. The future of Blockchain. What is Blockchain? Blockchain technology operates as a common, cryptographically verified ledger, distributed...